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Sexual Identity in Trump's World

Sexual Identity in Trump's World

Christopher Brauchli

Amo, Amas,
I love a lass,
As a cedar tall and slender,
Sweet cowslip’s grace
Is her nominative case,
And she’s of the feminine gender!

John O’Keefe, The Agreeable Surprise (1783)

The GOP learned long ago what worked for Hitler and what didn’t.

Of course there are not jack boots or “a hard line”… yet.

The GOP has masterfully applied the boiling frog approach to get us to phase 8. They were gifted Donald Trump to smoothly take us to phase 9.

Expect phase 10 to include the full Goebbelian package with crusade icing applied by Pence.

Also recall that although Jews constituted the largest group (by far) persecuted (understatement) by Hitler, many other groups beyond Jews and LGBT were also victims.

An attorney like Brauchii should know better than this kind of speculation. Nothing has yet been published. Nothing has even been acknowledged. The implementation of such a rule requires several steps in each agency, with opportunities first for public comment on proposed rules and certainly for legal challenge.

I’d been hoping for new information about what my child faces. Instead I get irrelevant hearsay about djt’s endowment and leapfrogging to Nazi Germany. Brauchii reveals his own ignorance of the issues, leaving out medical treatment for gender dysphoria, the stances of the medical and psychological communities, and intersex individuals altogether.

I don’t know what the purpose of this mess is, unless it’s to open yet another avenue for imagining the worst instead of working to make things better.