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Seymour Hersh's Latest Bombshell: U.S. Military Undermined Obama on Syria with Tacit Help to Assad


Seymour Hersh's Latest Bombshell: U.S. Military Undermined Obama on Syria with Tacit Help to Assad

Democracy Now!

A new report by the Pulitzer-winning veteran journalist Seymour Hersh says the Joint Chiefs of Staff has indirectly supported Bashar al-Assad in an effort to help him defeat jihadist groups. Hersh reports the Joint Chiefs sent intelligence via Russia, Germany and Israel on the understanding it would be transmitted to help Assad push back Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State. Hersh also claims the military even undermined a U.S.


What American military junta? Can anyone spell 911?


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We've had the crypto-Judeo\Catholic bulldozer: Czechoslovakia-born Madeleine Albright: Territorial integrity of Yugoslavia? Yugo your way, she'll go hers...straight to the Dark Side of the Balkans. Unlike Serbian Premiere Milosovic who was tried for War Crimes at the International Court in the HAGUE, we in the U.S. haven't signed on to any such international court for crimes against humanity. Not since Nuremberg, and we were doing the trying back then...

We've had the carpet-bagging Senator from Wall Street: Madame Hillary Rodham Clinton: Forget the Benghazi, Libya meme that even the well-funded TEA PARTY & GOP couldn't properly explain to the corporate-captured mass media, while it kept the substantive criticisms against Madame Secretary's actual policies from ever getting examined, barely reported and to date never discussed in a national forum. Presidential Debates, Inc included! What substantive aspects of Madame Secretary's term?

Oh, things like 2010's REGIME CHANGE in Honduras where the anti-corruption campaigner and his party were overthrown in Washington --backed coup urged by the Bush-Cheney Neo-Con cabal lodged at the State Department, Victoria Nuland & Robert Kagan.

But, you may ask, by 2010 when the Honduran elections were held, the reform presidency of Barack Obama had been sworn into office and they were supposed to rectify the previous administrations' rush to REGIME CHANGE!

Well, by then Bait & Switch Obama had anointed his foreign policy ideological rival in the DNC, Dame Hillary R. Clinton as his Secretary of State and she was mighty close ideologically to Nuland & Kagan at State, so off they went to oust the newly democratically-elected anti-corruption administration of Manuel Zelaya just as our reform team's predecessors had backed the failed military coup of Venezuela's democratically-elected Hugo Chavez.

A brave move by Honduras's brutalized by War On Drugs budgeted body politic, given that Washington nor our own body politic had never sought policy outcomes to the War On Drugs bucks pipelining into the un-accountable hands and Panama-laundered bank accounts of corrupt gang and death squad leaders that gave tiny Honduras its nickname, with the CIA's largest naval base in the hemisphere dating back to John Negroponte and the Iran-Contra years known in spook circles as the USS Honduras.

By the bye I am NOT apologizing for the demagogue Chavez who failed to diversify oil gorging Venezuela's e-con-o-my when oil prices were at extortion levels. Jes sayin' if UBER PATRIOTS wanna go around the globe supporting democracy we might want to CHILL OUT on the REGIME CHANGE thing until we can figure out how to pay for our own future generations college educations or reduce runaway health-care costs to the national budget by following our more successful global trading partners who keep things as important as medical costs out of the profit-maximizing corporate sector by administering a single payer health care reform, or properly regulating and enforcing the financial services industry that gets bailed out with tax-payer money as regularly as a clock ticks over to a new decade...

BEFORE undoing other nation-state's bad electoral decisions, perhaps we could reflect on the policy outcomes after 2 terms each of Reagan-Bush, Clinton-Gore, Bush-Cheney and now Obama-Biden at the bribed ballot box (see Supreme Court CITIZENS UNITED decision which has hardly sent TEA PARTIERS into the streets ready to dump into Boston Harbor) rather than going deeper into debt to our Communist Chinese creditors...

...and a coupla summers later the humanitarian disaster of unaccompanied Honduran children showing up at the U.S.border accompanied not by parents, but escorted by human trafficking COYOTES as the Honduran kids' parents, clearly Neo-Liberal E-CON'd into 'FREE TRADING' FOR THEIR KIDS SAFETY and becoming broke parents who spent all their savings paying to escort their children to perceived safety with relatives on the U.S. side of the border.
Hillary Clinton’s Honduran Disgrace | The Progressive March, 2010

"Hillary Clinton continues with her hawkish ways, making Obama’s foreign policy less distinguishable from Bush’s every day..."
View on progressive.org

Madame Secretary of State and her boss Bait & Switch Obama never had to answer to their backing of the Honduran Military Coup because no accredited mass media journalist asked them about it? And that is just the way the Koch Brothers, the TEA PARTY and the Imperial GOP & DNC like to run their empire bid-net...

More tar and feathers for Hillary-baiting Benghazi, Libya meme-ers who couldn't name any of the factions in Libya or what the meme was about if you asked them...Meanwhile, back on planet earth the know-nothings kept racking up impressive policy victories from Bait & Switch Obama, who was, as Wall Street's impunity-granted criminals understood the whole time, the Stealth Romney! Think that is exaggeration? See who is backing our DNC President's mother of all Pacific Trade Deals the Trans Pacific Partnership, TPP? None other than so-called FREE TRADE FUNDAMENTALISTS the TEA PARTY & the previously Obama-obstructing GOP with Blue Dog Democrat & oligarchs' help!

Has anyone even asked the President how his first Pacific-pivoting trade deal went when after secret negotiations with the feudal families controlling Samsung, Hyundai, Air Inchon, Air Asiana and all those Sea of China cheap iron & steel dumping frigates flagged in Seoul plying the one-way trade traffice? It was passed in 2012 and is called the KORUS, FTA (Free Trade Agreement). Can't find any mention of the TRADE DEAL SCOREBOARD for KORUS, FTA on any radio, tv or cable station you've got bundled through cartel-capitalist Comcast? Try looking for KORUS, FTA 2012-2015 TRADE DEAL OUTCOMES in the bi-partisan non-profit online clearinghouse of information at ECONOMYINCRISIS DOT ORG

So, if we're gonna have another glass ceiling breakthrough of a woman running the State Department, could we have Amy Goodman of the similarly non-profit community-supported broadcaster DEMOCRACY NOW please?

Her credentials on everything from East Timor and the Kissinger-Nixon weapons pipeline to Indonesia's corrupt Commie Slaughtering generals or in calling out VP CHICKEN HAWK Cheney's cozy and lucrative relations as CEO of Halliburton during his Public Service White House cabinet hiatus with such monopolizing generals as Algeria's when the business press had only raves for Halliburton's bottom line even as the never-ending ISLAMIST JIHAD proceeded apace in Algeria with Halliburton not having to worry about a thing gives Amy Goodman the gravitas, scruples & smarts that the Bulldozer and the wannabe Empress lacked...
Jes' sayin'

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State of emergency, Hitler article 38, bush national emergency.


Anyone else notice how none of our resident Sanders haters (like aquifer and aligatorhardt) never attack Clinton?

The article above is a perfect example of Clinton's hawkishness and failure to learn from the disaster she supported in Libya ("We came. we saw. he died.") but do they show up to attack her? No. They only attack Sanders, who is far more sane in his foreign policy.


Problem, the President is the Commander in Chief, the generals follow orders, if they don't they should be fired , as Truman fired MacArthur. Truman was a student of American history and knew he had to fire MacArthur.

Because the general had a better understanding of the situation in Syria, in this case, makes no difference. Hersh's rationalization regarding this issue doesn't wash. Starting with General Stanley McChrystal, Obama has been a target for bullying. Didn't Petraeus go around whispering to the press about his disagreements with Obama? Heads should roll in the chain of command.

Civilian control is paramount in this democracy.

The article does destroy the Clinton rationale in toto.


Jim Given Hersh's long track record of accurate reporting, I'd like to give some credence to this story. While I believe that the generals' reported aid to Assad makes far more sense than Obama/Hillary's crazy view that the U.S. should fight both sides of a civil war in the interests of some imaginary democratic opposition - I find it hard to believe members of the U.S. Officer class would take any such risks without some idea of making a profit.

Also, the suggestion that they funneled Info through, among others, Israel is inconsistent with Israel's support for at least ten Al Nusra/Queda wing of the Assad opposition. At this point, I'd like to see a little more evidence for Hersh's assertions.


So Obama got rid of the commonsense Generals and people like former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. And now we have all these war mongering fools like Ashton Carter. Folks we are seriously


"You Yanks" crap is getting way old. Has quite a stench to it.
Shall we wax ad nauseum about our fair Canadians to the North.
As if the pigeon holes of small minds fit all people


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And this is how far the Presidency has devolved since the days of JFK.

In 1962, the President had to keep the Joint Chiefs from ginning up war with Russia, from letting ideology trump sanity, and common sense. In 2015, it's the Joint Chiefs that have to keep the President in check.


Even though in this case we might agree more with the position of the JCS than the Prez, I couldn't agree more that heads should roll over the failure to follow orders. John Newman, in his book JFK and Vietnam, lays out in great detail how Kennedy was consistently given false reports about conditions in Vietnam, by the military and the CIA. JFK was adamantly opposed to putting ground forces into Vietnam, so the military sent reports that things were going great, they just needed more time, a few more 'advisors' and resources, knowing that Kennedy would pull all funds and 'advisors' completely if he knew just how badly things were going. He suddenly started receiving factually true reports three weeks before his assassination. If he had lived, I'm sure heads would have rolled then, as they should now. The JCS being allowed to make its own policy without consequence sets up perfect conditions for government control by the military.