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'Shades of 1933 Germany': Trump's Hostile Rally Prompts Third Reich Comparisons


'Shades of 1933 Germany': Trump's Hostile Rally Prompts Third Reich Comparisons

Julia Conley, staff writer

In the wake of President Donald Trump's "unhinged" address at a campaign-style rally in Phoenix, Arizona, former British ambassador Peter Westmacott joined many Americans in expressing shock at the president's rhetoric on Wednesday—comparing the rally to one that might have been seen during the rise of the Nazi state in 1930s Germany.


Well, a partisan guy was shocked and appalled. Whodda thunk it? What a farce?! Left and right, an absurd farce all around.


At first people were afraid to compare Trump with Hitler but now it has become commonplace. The only reason Trump can get away with this is most Republican politicians do not have the courage to speak out clearly against Trump. They are afraid of losing support from their base voters where there is a large overlap with Trump voters. Basically they have put their careers above country. In short, they are cowards and too risk averse to do the right thing. While millions of Americans have risked their lives for this country in war these Republican will not take the slightest risk in fear that they might lose the next election. Even another Hitler cannot overcome their fears of an election loss.


While it is gratifying that people world wide condemn the racist rhetoric of the increasingly desperate Trump, the question arises as to whether the Orange Twit actually embraces his own babble speech or is it just another ploy to distract us from his incompetence. It isn’t that Trump doesn’t say reprehensible things because he does but we have all seen that Trump will say anything to good effect. Trump is the hyperbolic promoter of anything Trump and a good part of that is marshaling public support. The problem is that Trump’s base is an emotive mob mentality in action. So to feed them so that they feed his ego, he gives them what they want. He gives them that less than rational emotionalism and reckless intensity based on intolerance. He feeds that ever hungry emotional tapeworm with abandon and his characteristic recklessness as to the outcome.

The thing is whether Trump actually cares all that much about most of what he says? Trump is a con artist running on pure instinct and not a caring thoughtful leader trying to do right by everyone. That doesn’t mean Trump really cares about statues of Confederate icons. I doubt that he really does! Trump does care about what happens to his base when he makes them an issue though. The same with the ‘wall’. Does Trump really care about low wage workers or even illegals as much as he says? Does Trump invite his white male base to lunch with him and Friday night poker games? Does Trump want to bowl a few games with his base? Yeah right. Trump is someone who spent years avoiding shaking hands with ‘people’! White, black, brown et al …Trump doesn’t do underlings whatever their color.

Do you wonder whether all this cynical rabble rousing by Trump is what he really believes himself? Doesn’t it seem more likely that it is just the way he manipulates his base, the media and the country. Trump loves the promotion and the con. It is doubtful that he believes in any of this crap. Trump believes in Trump and in whatever it takes to play his con!


Remember George Wallace?

“I was out-ni…ered by John Patterson. And I’ll tell you here and now, I will never be out-ni…ered again.”

“I tried to talk about good roads and good schools and all these things that have been part of my career, and nobody listened. And then I began talking about ni…ers, and they stomped the floor.”

Trump knows his base.


“Westmacott is just the latest observer to compare Trump’s actions to those of autocrats like those of the Nazi regime.”

I predicted a long time ago that since American foreign policy was mostly, fascist, that it would just be a matter of time until it would also be exposed in America’s domestic policies. With the election of Trump, it is now transparent. The Fourth Reich has now been exposed for what it is, and can no longer hide it’s evil hegemony, hubris and nefarious intentions behind it’s flag waving and being a democracy. And that is a good thing.


It’s OK. It’s OK to let it get worse and worse. More hand-wringing columns, more demonstrations, more outrage.
More sleepwalking.


Wereflea: Right. And we are obliged to take the $pectacle seriously.


Far be it from reality that Repugs would admit that their actions (non-action) created this monster, but he is THEIR monster… bellicose and bizarre bedfellows all. Their complicity will destroy their “party” such as it is.


Hope you’re right.



When will the worthless UN give comment on the Illegal wars of the US government and the interfering into the business of sovereign countries by its NGOs such as USAID and NED!


To be expected from McConnell who would never take lightly any public criticism, especially from someone as crude, crass, and crazed as DJT. The orange butt nut targeted the wrong man…majority leader of the Senate, which speaks volumes about the prez-a-dunce’s sanity. Petty despots and unhinged emperors truly believe they cannot be taken to task for any of their demonic deeds. Their hatred and hubris will do them in.


The label ‘Pumpkin Fuhrer’ grows ever more apt. Elect a clown, expect a circus.


“Fascism is a result of the failure of the left to provide an alternative” - Leon Trotsky We can thank the DNC and HRC.


Bannon from Richmond, VA used his study of the Nazi’s to write Trump’s speeches using the same propaganda. Of course the KKK and White Supremacist noticed. They immediately cheered. The Republican Party who adopted the south after the forced integration always did dog whistles to racism. We either stand tall right now or we can expect the world to come after us like we went after the Nazi’s and their global empire attempt that is not that different from the US and their global empire attempts. Until we stop paying 50 cents of every tax dollar to the military/security industry and invest something in the American people who pay those taxes, USINC will be subject to the same effects as the Nazis: massive private prisons, police like military, erosion of basic rights.


I’ve been writing reams since 1963 warning We the People to wake up while they still had a chance to ward off fascism and Nazism. I’ve seen it growing through Noxin and Reagan and onward. To most, it was “old hat.” "That could happen in Nazi Germany, or in Soviet Russia, but this is the United States! We’re a democracy! We’ve got a Constitution, “It Can’t Happen Here!” as Sinclair Lewis wrote.
*It did happen here in Lewis’ book, and with the birth of the 21st Century, it shifted into high gear here in the US, which quickly turned into the US Fourth Reich.
*I hope that, somehow, We the People will cast these Nazis and war profiteers into the outer darkness and return us to a Constitutional Republic, but the fascists have been building up their defenses, while tearing down every advance we’ve made for civil rights, equal rights, for medicine, for decent pay. The fascists are in bed with the military, which controls the strongest and most ruthless Wehrmacht the world has ever seen. Any money earmarked for improving the health and welfare of the American People has been diverted into more planes, more ships, more war, upgraded nuclear weapons.
*I hoped that one of our invasions would be our “Poland,” where the world would cry “Enough!” and band together to stop us, as it did in 1939, but so far, no soap. The military has been trained in the “Suppression of civil dissent” and, I am sure, brainwashed into the mindset that dissent in the “US” comes from foreign agitators and terrorists, who must be imprisoned or destroyed. The Brownshirts dressed in blue already have that outlook for the most part.
*After WW-II, the US had “Operation Paperclip” which, we were told, brought German rocket scientists to show us how to get to the moon. What was not explained was that thousands of high ranking Nazis were also brought over here, identities changed, to teach the government how to do it right, this time. They were sent to the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, you name it. One high ranking Nazi, whose name I don’t remember now, told the US high command, “Don’t worry, I’ve lost one war and I don’t intend to lose the next one.” Apparently they’ve taught our “leadership” well.
*Bush’s no-bid KBR concentration camps are still there, maintained and presumably open for business when that decision is made.
*We are in a heap of trouble, but hopefully We the People will face it, and fight it, for we are getting quite a preview as to where we are headed. For those that still read, read the history of Germany between the two wars and on into the '40’s. What is happening today is basically a rerun, with surveillance and destructive power that was only found in the wet dreams of the Third Reich.
*There is an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” It seems we are.


I think it’s called playing to the audience but it’s also part of his narcissistic personality disorder in which everything he does firstly has to satisfy his non-existent ego.
Trump is not a Hitler but he uses some of the same tactics as Hitler did.
Trump doesn’t care about anything other than satisfying his hungry ego. He is loyal to no person or principle.


The Dark State and MSM is in full charge against Trump for the High Crime of making peace with Russia.
Cluelessness prevails

Too Bad Trump is wrong about everything else – just the same as all the Rethugricans.


Yeah, until the big top catches fire.