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Shades of Sun City: Springsteen Cancels Concert in Anti-LGBT North Carolina


Shades of Sun City: Springsteen Cancels Concert in Anti-LGBT North Carolina

The Boss being the Boss, Bruce Springsteen just cancelled his Sunday show in Greensboro to protest North Carolina's notorious HB2 bill, dubbed "the worst anti-LGBT law in the nation." Echoing the Sun City boycott against apartheid he joined 30 years ago, he called rights advocates "freedom fighters" and argued, "Some things are more important than a rock show, and this fight against prejudice and bigotry (is) one of them."


I'm proud of Springsteen. Pat McCrory can shove that bill up his @#$%. People should just use the washrooms of their genders.


I always find it interesting that as businesses headquartered in such jurisdictions are forced through public pressure to shift headquarters elsewhere and as concerts and conventions and the like cancelled and all that extra "economic activity" stops , these new legislations tend to be reversed by the same people that pass them.

Their convictions and those beliefs in those "Constitutional rights" tend to end when the dollars stop filling the pockets of them and their friends.


Gender-neutral bathrooms - what unbelievable horseshit.

The media can get the population to accept any kind of nonsense, no matter how ridiculous.

People should access restrooms according to their physical genitalia, as they have done in the past, for a tranquil experience.

After the installation of these unisex bathrooms there will be the wringing of hands over the rapes and sexual harassment taking place there.

This is on a par with women on nuclear submarines (living in close quarters and staying submerged for months), or in front line combat (where they might lose a limb or be killed).

That women - or anyone - regard these practices as "liberating" is idiocy. They are situations that invite strife.


Uni-sex restrooms is another issue entirely. Take your porta-potty mentality and shove it.


Hoooray for The Boss. On the other hand, if Jackson Browne makes a similar move, the hipster critics always go nuclear. Go figure. Group think knows no bounds.


how ignorant are you ????


great job again Abby- brilliant bringing back Sun City!


When will there be a record/video in support of Palestine and the BDS movement? Lil' Steve, Bruce, Bono? Where are you guys?


Yes. It's such easy twaddle for these gassy liberal pop stars to crow about opposing right-wing bigots in South Africa or in the American South.

Oppose right-wing bigots in Isreal? *crickets* These guys know who butters their fat royalty checks.

Props to others like Roger Waters and Sinead O'Connor, genuinely brave high-profile musicians who have spoken out.


Like Saul Alinsky, the late community organizer once said, "people sometimes don't move when they see the light, they only move when they feel the heat." Or as Cindy Lauper once sang, "money changes every thing." We don't have to support discrimination and oppression. We can with draw our consent, boycott and not do any business with or in the states and cities who discriminate against anybody.