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Shadow Armies: The Unseen, But Real US War in Africa

Shadow Armies: The Unseen, But Real US War in Africa

Ramzy Baroud

It will be many years before Africa and its 54 nations are truly free from the stubborn neocolonial mindset, which is grounded in racism, economic exploitation and military interventions.

"The US military push does not seem to be part of a comprehensive policy approach, either. It is as alarming as it is erratic, reflecting the US constant over-reliance on military solutions to all sorts of problems, including trade and political rivalries." (Photo: Reuters)

As I remember, when Hillary and Obama took the US into Libya, thirty thousand construction workers had to leave. Guys and gals building roads, schools and hospitals. As I remember Libya was the richest country in Africa at the time, and working on a peaceful Pan African Union concept similar to the EU.
As I remember, Cuba and China send doctors to Africa. In China, I have met the family of a doctor whose dad was on a two year stint in Africa. Is my memory too selective? Am I Wrong?


This is the true Obama legacy.

This is why I quit the Democratic Party, this is the true face of the party.

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