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Shadow Broker? NSA Contractor Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Classified Code


Shadow Broker? NSA Contractor Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Classified Code

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The FBI in August secretly arrested a National Security Agency (NSA) contractor for allegedly stealing "highly classified computer codes," the New York Times reported Wednesday, citing anonymous government sources.


Once someone figures out how to hack the NSA on a regular basis they will be kaput. (Not that I'm suggesting that anyone break any law.)
The NSA worked in secret for decades spying on American citizens and then Snowden blew their cover.
Now the NSA is becoming the punchline of jokes.
That can't be good for a secret, domestic, spying agency.


Meaning what exactly?


Too much importance being given to the lack (So Far) of an Espionage charge.

To do that, they first have to determine To Whom he provided the information.
Such charges will appear if the investigation locates even a single instance of his passing the information to Any Government agency not belonging to the US.

And, Yes, even if he gave the data to a Friendly government, it would still be Espionage because we're not THAT Friendly.


All he has to do is claim he had a concussion at the time and did not intend to actually steal anything.


So, any good NSA jokes going around? I need a good laugh right now.


Because now if you didn't intend to do something you didn't do anything wrong, just ask Comey.


He's not exactly a whistle blower so he may not go to jail. The NSA is so busy spying on Americans they can't catch a terrorist and they can't seem to protect their own data. They seem overwhelmed by the complexity they've created.


"Am I correct in reading they didn't charge him under the Espionage Act? Under this administration, that's a noteworthy absence. Edward Snowden"

I guess if he had shown up in China, sold half the info for passage to Moscow where he delivered the other half, he would have been charged with espionage. The FBI got this one before he bailed.


So entire comments can be removed as if they never happened? That's a neat trick.


He should just tell them that he was just saving that info for his home server. No big deal...


Except, of course, you are making shit up. Par for your course.


Which part? The one where the FBI got to this guy before he bailed? Or the part where Mr. Snowden took off for Hong Kong and then Moscow. CD even had an article a few weeks ago describing the whole infrastructure he had set up there, lawyers, safe houses etc. Pretty well run op, by the way. The Powerpoint presentations he gave Mr. Greenwald were just icing on the cake to embarrass the NSA and the US government. Good stuff was handed to China for safe passage and Moscow.


And now, you pretend you do not know what i mean. You are a real communicator.

"Really, what part of what i said is something i have no information about? What did i make up? Gosh i'm so innocent. i really have no idea!"

i will leave you to yourself.


Actually i have the same info you have, kinda. I am just interpreting it differently. I watched the Snowden "press conference" from a Xian hotel room and thought to myself "dead man talking". Then he shows up in Moscow a few days later. Not too hard to put two and two together after that stunt. Then comes the nice story about the safe houses and lawyers he had lined up. I mean come on... the elegance of the whole arrangement is enviable. Everything clicked just right.


You actually think the NSA has prove something to make a charge stick? Thats not how Snowden went down. He knew what the real deal was and took off like a smart person. And that was with stuff that was mostly declassified. This guy knew how to handle it and he was lazy. Should have had an escape plan.


You're coming across as a complete ass. For your own sake, think before you make comments.


I take it that means you disagree with my assessment of the facts?