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Shadow Puppets: Outside Groups Pulling the Strings in 2016 Election


Shadow Puppets: Outside Groups Pulling the Strings in 2016 Election

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Representing a "fundamental shift in how presidential campaigns are funded in the United States," so-called shadow campaigns are already dominating the 2016 election cycle, according to a new study issued Tuesday by the Brennan Center for Justice.


The game as defined by money. Jeb or Hillary - who can raise more money - who will ‘win’?

Go Bernie. Did you ever think that you’d be American democracy’s last hope?

Go Bernie… fight against the oligarchy.

Democracy’s champion against the oligarchs.

Yeah you Bernie! That’s who… believe it or not.

Go Bernie!


If Hillary wins, I may vote for Trump. At least he will remodel the White House.


The white house will be underwater in fifteen or twenty years. Let’s hope president Trump doesn’t spend too much on it


Waterfront property. What a deal!


U ALL R2 FUNNY. I’m reminded of the 1970 movie " Start the Revolution Without Me " but your dick play isn’t very good. They did it a lot better back in the day. Go pound some sand. Just suggestin’.


The system is fundamentally corrupt and the people who can do something about it, Congress and the SCOTUS, have been corrupted by it and, in the case of Congress, won’t do anything about it because the incumbents benefit by it. The SCOTUS, led by John Roberts, is in the bag for corporate wealth. But this is not surprising because the United States, Constitution on down, was set up to benefit the well off and to keep them in power.

To the degree that there is some built in flexibility to give the impression of democracy, there have been periods when the distribution of power appeared more evenly divided. But as soon as the positions of the power elite are threatened they fight with all ruthlessness to maintain control.


Is this really new or just more in our face now? Shadow puppets or shadow government has been governing the United States of America for a long time. What goes on in the shadows and behind closed doors and who calls the shots. Coups, covert missions, CIA killings, the whole military industrial complex that is protecting multi national corporations around the world. Biltenberg? or some other organization of crime mafia like individuals who have no regard for humanity only profits. Rape and pillage of the planet with no regard for community, rivers, streams, wildlife, forests, oceans, land, planet earth and the air we breath.

It is just in our face now but the strings have always been pulled by these sycophants at times with less power than they have now.


and mean to say, government is not the real problem, it is the shadow mafia that is the problem. The likes of Comcast, GE, Haliburton, Mansanto and…Billionaires Walton’s, Sheldon’s and…


He might remodel it but his taste is for golden throne rooms IMO.

Still? Hmm? Would the White House… I mean the actual physical building itself… look good with a pompadour?


Id est, of OUR money. Let him spend his own…AND THEN DROWN.


Yes, this system is fundamentally corrupt. No, voting for the least awful choice we’re given is not going to help. New users are not allowed to include links, so I will urge folks to google an article called ‘You’ve Got To Stop Voting’ by Mark E. Smith. It changed my mind completely and addressed all my arguments for ‘lesser of two evil’ voting.

On a side note, I can’t help but wonder why that particular photo was chosen for this article. I see the shadow of a young man in a hoodie, which in racist media short-hand usually = ‘black scary thug’. Can someone at @CommonDreams help me understand why that photo was used to top an article about the oligarchic sale of our ‘elections’?