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'Shady Bosses' Stealing $15 Billion in Wages from Low-Income Workers: Report

'Shady Bosses' Stealing $15 Billion in Wages from Low-Income Workers: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With American workers already struggling against stagnant wages, declining union strength, and vicious attacks by the Trump administration, a new


I’ve stated this in many forums: legislation only works when the new rules are followed and have tools in place to enforce new regulations. My city,(Albuquerque) has had problems in the recent past getting employers to pay the new mandated minimums leaving the employee having to pay legal fees to sue their bosses for lost wages. Well lawyers aren’t cheap and few, if any, low wage workers can afford a legal representative and the employers know this and don’t pay what they should. There are no tools in place for enforcement of policy. A loophole that isn’t lost on unscrupulous businesses. A federal mandate of $15.00 minimum needs to be in place for all workers concerned.


In Canada 15 dollars per hour was just made law.
Tim Hortons (owned by Burger king) immediately annonced that they would no longer pay for break time holidays etc. Bottom line workers lose money on the deal.

Boycott Burger King.

America - Land of the fee and home of the slave. Capitalism is a scourge on the planet.

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A solution might be for workers to demand being paid in cash at the end of each working day, otherwise quit. At worst only one day worth of wage would be lost.

There needs to be a special place in Hell for people who would raid the cookie jars of their low-wage workers, and then steal the crumbs.