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Shakespeare Got Through It. We Will, Too.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/19/shakespeare-got-through-it-we-will-too

Hi LongGone:
Maybe you should read, "Waiting for Godot, " as that pretty much sums up much of the world today.
Thank goodness for Greta Thunberg—who reminds all People that, yes, things are depressing BUT, a song, a poem a play, a book, a movie or a massive protest and picketing by all ages can truly change the world. : )


Thanks for this uplifting commentary! Confined time can also be used to “brush up your Shakespeare.” I’m daily reading or rereading The Bard’s plays. Am now on Henry VI, part 2. Good escapism reading about the 15th century ruling groups killing one another. Seriously, he’s helping to sustain me in this bleak time.

Hi LongGone:

LOL, I do read a lot, so thanks for the author list, although I have read a lot of the authors already I chose Waiting for Godot for the ending…they like Congress act as if they are working—but the end, with-----let’ s go----they do not move. I thought this was the best representation on how sad and nonworking so much of government is. : )