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'Shallow at Best and Ridiculous at Worst': Analysis Eviscerates FCC Chair's Arguments for Killing Net Neutrality


'Shallow at Best and Ridiculous at Worst': Analysis Eviscerates FCC Chair's Arguments for Killing Net Neutrality

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new analysis by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) found that Trump-appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's reasoning behind forcing a deeply unpopular repeal of federal net neutrality rules "to be shallow at best and ridiculous at worst."


This is a $#!t Pie. I leave it to others to guess dual meanings
I am reminded of the scurrilous “arguments” and obfuscations that get spun, spit out and wallowed in by the practitioners of CONSTANT GROWTH having grown totally and obscenely beyond possibility of not being vampires, parasites and morally debased as their ship is eaten away by - TA DA!! - themselves and their delusions.

This is the model that has been sucking up taxpayer money while playing freudian games at every turn in ongoing attempts to make all of humanity as insane as they are. It has NEVER STOPPED MURDERING, STEALING, ASSASSINATING, TURNING REALITY INTO LIES. The infantilization is coming up against walls while the shit is rolling downhill - to use an old military expression.

Yuppers, the Drumph wants to be a “killer” and surround himself with the same.


This is the payoff for the oligarchy’s “conservative-good, liberal-bad” propaganda through the years.


Ajit Pai: ultimate useful pawn IDIOT for both Republican and Democrat criminals.


“Shallow at Best and (just) Ridiculous at Worst” well defines the character of Eejit Pie and his BS rationale for killing net neutrality (restoring internet freedom" according to the Eejit) - not to mention his Santa “7 things” video self-absorbed idiot blather!. A sophomoric, disingenuous, typical trump regime de-construction tool/operative.


So right now I’ve got crappy DSL @ 1.6 MB for 25 bucks a month. Is Pai’s net screwtality plan going to improve my service anytime soon, or just allow my provider to transfer more money from my 2 dollar Trump tax cut to the ISP with nothing to show me?


LOL you’re right about the religion of constant growth : ) Maybe those believers should read that Aesop’s Fable about the frog who was told about a big and wondrous being—an ox .The big frog decided he could better that BIGNESS and he kept blowing himself up---- and up----------until something went POP… The FCC and much of America’s bigness apparently worship just like a frog----and a big POP will come shortly. : )


Agree. There was no need for a study about this. Anyone with an IQ 2 points above rock life knows that this is about giving the service providers more money and control over the public.


Just take a look at that specimen. Paid to rob us of democracy.


I’m glad you recognize that both parties are comprised of criminals.


It is not about winning the argument. While that is nice, it is winning control that matters and only that will protect the internet as a free flowing source of information. In this world, who controls information rules.


Aw, quitcher bitchin". LOL
I’m currently paying my rural Two Dixie Cups and A String phone company $36 a month for “up to” 1 MB of DSL “service”.


If I was one mile closer to the distribution terminal, my speed would be around 5MB, same price. So for crappy 1.6MB speed, I get to pay the same as those nearby who don’t have to put up with choppy YouTube video, or suffer through a long Netflix download.