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'Sham' GMO Bill Advances in Senate Amid Widespread Opposition


'Sham' GMO Bill Advances in Senate Amid Widespread Opposition

Despite opposition from consumer advocacy groups, a controversial bill on the labeling of genetically modified (GM or GMO) food passed a cloture vote in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, even as critics warned the legislation is needlessly complicated and bends to the agriculture lobby interests.

The bill passed 65-32. The roll call is here.


This should surprise no one. The wealthy have always made their money off
the backs of the poor.
“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”.


Time for some serious BOYCOTTS.


Consumers should print out their own GMO stickers modeled after Mr. Uck stickers and plant the stickers on the shelves of the GMO products. The supermarket that spends the most staff hours scraping off stickers may decide to sign GMO products themselves.


Boycotts and mass protests. We are being couch potatoes while the citizens of Canada and France virtually shut down tourist areas and services to make their point.


That said, it's also true that votes are often pre-counted and apportioned. So some of the corporatist "progressives" can show off their "no" vote on this cloture vote for the DARK Act, knowing full well that their "no" vote will not stop the bill from moving.


As reported widely " Monsanto wins.......kids loss" as that famous democrat Ozzie Myers said "Money talks,,,,," Here louder than the 80% of the American people that favor clear food labels.


here's Obama In 2007....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqaaB6NE1TI since than he has worked with Hillary,


Mentime, don't buy anything that does not say "GMO free".


We need to put labels on congress-critters! I've always thought they should be required to wear their sponsors' logos on their business suits, like the race car drivers do. We need to know what these politicians are made of.


Instead of $2000 a more appropriate protest might have been spreading 2000 lbs of fertilizer on the senate floor for all the BS the proponents of this bill are spewing. Kudos to the 32 senators who voted against this sham bill.


I have come to expect very little to nothing from these corporately owned sheep. I have also come to believe that our democracy died with JFK and what we have been living with since then is just natural autonomic nervous reactions of a government morphing into a different mode,


Please correct me if I am mistaken. The Bill referenced is in regards to Planned Parenthood. I see nothing in the roll call vote referencing GMO foods. By the way I am for strict, easy to read GMO food labelling. Please take the time to set me straight on this.


One idea that I've had is to 'call a spade a spade' and come up with something other than the '1%' or the 'elites' to call them. Robber Barons is outdated, but something that accurately and derogatorily describes them. Monsters maybe? My personal best idea is the Destroyers. Not sure that would get enough traction - the best would be if the term came from young people who would throw it around on facebook and twitter.

Those young people are beginning to step up - but they need to know that our generation has their back. We protested Viet Nam, and then we went to sleep and allowed the corporate take-over. We were too damn comfortable in those days, and our children and grandchildren are paying for it. That's why I put my money where my mouth is with Bernie, and why Jill Stein will get my vote and financial support if Bernie does bail on us. I won't believe that until I hear it from his very lips.


Even better, we should flood them with Round Up,


The power of boycotts is sorely misunderstood by the sheeple in the empire!


Those who vote for frankenfoods are like the pushers of Death from the imperialist amerikan military; aka, recruiters!


They took the PP bill, took all the wording out and stuck in the bill on GMOs


Thank you


Really Clinton and Obama take huge sums from big food interest, Since she is a certified teller of inaccurate facts {lies to most} why would anyone believe any thing she says . I wonder has she made or Slick Willie for that matter any big money speeches to Monsanto....the Washington elite simply avoid this problem they eat organic foods reserving foods that the WHO says probably cause cancer for poor kids.