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Sham Populism, Shameless Plutocracy


Sham Populism, Shameless Plutocracy

Katrina vanden Heuvel

In a speech at the Heritage Foundation last week, former House speaker Newt Gingrich portrayed President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration as a historic moment for conservatism. “This is the third great effort to break out of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt model” of government, he said, following the Reagan revolution” of the 1980s and Gingrich’s Contract with America in the 1990s.


I guess we could almost be, well, relieved if DJT did "just" serve up the same kind of thin Republican gruel.

But, let's be truthful. Trump is a bully. Trump is a bully with a military at his disposal. He also is bequeathed a presidency that has become more authoritarian under Obama--deporter in chief, and giving threat to whistleblowers that is unprecedented, and over-reach by agencies like the NSA.

What will trigger Trump's further over-reach? Won't take much, I wouldn't bet.

Hold onto your hats...and your civil liberties.


Saint Ronny's revolution and the Newt's contract on Murka were just practice sessions for Trump's 21st century march to the sea, that like General Sherman's 1865 march to the sea will leave nothing but destruction.


So why is Katrina suddenly so concerned about these issues, when she supported Hillary over Bernie and helped land us in this mess? Hillary, and her neoliberal Democrat cronies would have just covertly helped the Republicans serve up more thin gruel as they all continued to dismantle, more slowly, our democratic government and finish the transformation into an outright oligarchy. That is why there is so little protest from Democrats or attempt to control Trump. He seems to be heading in the direction our rulers wanted to go anyway, and he can take the blame and they can reap the rewards. They think. Trump obeys no one.


Alternate Headline:
Shameless Plutocrat Trump's "faux populism" trumped Shameless Plutocrat Hillary's "faux populism"

As Hillary herself said to her Bankster friends: "We must have two agendas, the one we share with the public, and the real one we work to implement." .. or words to that effect.


Very interesting map of the election outcome, showing only counties Clinton won.

The Hillary Clinton Archipelago: http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user3303/imageroot/2016/12/16/20161219_clinton.jpg


I think the populism is real. It is based on white identity and distrust of establishment politicians. The rolling back of the New Deal stuff is perhaps the least of our worries. Of more concern is the attack on democracy, a foreign policy based on disruption of the established order and conflict, and racism and bigotry. The problem is not just Trump, it is also his supporters many of whom are potentially violent and are racist and antisemitic. There is so much to be concerned about it hard to keep a focus that does seem to central to Trump's strategy, create so much chaos that the press and the opposition cannot stay focused on one thing.


The map in effect shows the most densely populated areas of the country. That is where the majority of Americans live and where most of the wealth is concentrated. That America is dong fairly well in general. Many of the non-Clinton areas are the America that has gotten left behind and are areas where a large majority of the people are white.


Part of me wants to see the shambles that the US will be in after 4 years of Trump. I'm hoping that the people who voted for him will eventually deeply regret it but, looking at how willfully ignorant many of them maintain themselves, it is little hope. Here's hoping for impoverishment if not stagnated wages for his constituents. May their dreams not come true either.


With both political parties beholden to Wall Street and large corporations, it is a race to the bottom for average Americans. The only difference is that the GOP will get us to the bottom more quickly.


“It’s less a team for governing the country than a mechanism for dismantling its key institutions.” Ms. vanden Heuvel is absolutely correct. Trump is a salesman. He has no intention of running the country, his cabinet will be doing the work and this is their wet dream. They finally have control and get to act out their fantasies.
That's not the end of the story though because we fought to get our rights and we will have to fight to keep them. There's way more of us than there is of them.


Hey Katrina, kinda makes you wish you had actually tried to help Bernie, when you could have, doesn't it!


I agree about Katrina, but I think Trump gets far too much credit, when he is, after all, just a Cowardly Bully


Yes, that is it. Wish Hillary a happy holiday right?


Yeah, Bernie- but those women insisted on Hillary. What a bunch of - well I think I'll save the word.


I just hope she and Bill can scrape by on the few dollars they've managed to save from their years of public service .. .. .. ..


The DNC insisted on Hillary.


What about the DNC?


Yeah- never understood why. No one to get excited about.


When one part of the population gets hurt, the rest comes down like a pack of dominoes. These people are just angry. They are racist, and bigoted. They do not even care about improvements to their own lives- they just want to spew hate at anyone who isn't like them. They hate Jews, Muslims, backs, "liberals" gays you name it.
The Tea Tard hate came out during the recession- now it cannot be contained.