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'Shame': 12 Democrats Join With House GOP to Attack Americans With Disabilities Act

'Shame': 12 Democrats Join With House GOP to Attack Americans With Disabilities Act

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a "shameful" move that disability rights advocates say "further marginalizes one of the most excluded communities in society," a dozen Democrats joined with House Republicans on Thursday to pass a bill that would erode key protections for Americans with disabilities.

The thing is, you have to name them to shame them, and guess what this article didn’t do…


Spurred on by the media whores at CBS 60 Minutes, apparently.

Goebbels and his boss were also big fans of eroding due process one law at a time and one regulation at a time.

Trump and the GOP (with the help of Vichy Dims) continue to make it easier for the 1% and their corpoirations to access justice while they keep throwing more obstacles up to prevent the 99% from having access to justice.


Here we go (a lot from California):

Aguilar California’s 31st
Bera California’s 7th
Cooper Tennessee’s 5th
Correa California’s 46th
Cuellar Texas’s 28th
Foster Illinois’s 11th
Peters California’s 52nd
Peterson Minnesota’s 7th
Rice (NY) New York’s 4th
Schrader Oregon’s 5th
Speier California’s 14th
Torres California’s 35th

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Huh? Please provide evidence of some kind.

Of course you want an entity to cure the accessibility issue. But even temporary issues can create life-threatening barriers for those with disabilities. Mine is only a “can’t walk 20 feet without aid or exhaustion” (as it qualifies for handicap license plates) disability. But one freezing, windy night when I fetched up at a reserved hotel room and found the hotel had chosen that day to resurface the half of the parking lot nearest the registration desk, I had to confront someone failing to think things through. “There were two handicapped spaces still available,” one manager after another told me that night and later. Those were at the end of one wing of the building, where you needed a live key card to get in, there was no ramp through an s-curving set of 3 or 4 stairs to get down to the hallway, and of course the hallway went the full length of the wing. I had made the walk once outside and twice inside that night (to get my luggage) and again in the morning to get out. When I came back the 2nd night, the spaces nearest my room (and the elevators to it) had been freshly painted with the handicapped logo, protected by traffic cones; I simply nudged one aside with my bumper and drove in.

Even under existing law, I reported the issue to the State authorities, to no apparent effect. The top manager offered me a free night on my next visit. But nobody would tell me how to reach the corporate officer in charge of compliance. I can only imagine how much worse such a one-night problem would be for someone in a wheelchair. Shame, indeed.


The Democrats are the Washington Generals of politics.

What an absurd bill! Didn’t it occur to them that disabled people are already doing that, over and over again, to no effect, before pursuing legal action?

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Did you notice that it was only twelve out of 185 Democrats who joined 213 Republicans in voting for this measure? Or that this repugnant measure would have passed even if those disgusting twelve had not defected their party?

Are you a Russian troll getting an early start to make sure the Republicans win again this November?


Actually, it is a team sport. See how it is done in Canada or the UK, where, in almost all measures, if a party member votes against the party position as these twelve did, they are literally kicked off the team…

These corp. dem.'s need to be told by their constituents in no uncertain terms…YOU"RE DONE.

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This is exactly a perfect example of the reason I had had enough of the Democratic Party in 2003, when enough Democrats joined with the Republicans to give George W. Bush his little war in Iraq and turned our military into murderers and begin the total destabilization of the region.

There is absolutely no shame from this party for actions like this. It’s all a matter of dollars and cents. The party chooses who will join the Republicans and who will pretend like they disagree with their fellow Democrats.

This isn’t politics. This is outright manipulation of what are supposed to be representatives of the people of America, by corporate Oligarchs.

This again is a clear example of how “money” corrupts politicians morals and ethics.

There is no possible other explanation for this.

And, in less than 9 months, 95% of those who vote, will cast their votes for these two parties.

I cannot believe the human race has come to this in America.


I think every one of these damn dems need to hear from us all. There were several in California and I am writing to them all NOW. Shameful and Jackie Speier is a former NURSE! awful.

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These fuckers will soon see how abled we can be…
Pricks / assholes better learn to duck.


I don’t care who these 10 are. They have to go. All of the repubs have to go for this and many other transgressions against people.

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Good call…
Namaste :v:

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It’s the difference between a parliamentary system and ours (one of the differences). In our system, the parties aren’t supposed to predetermine the voting once they’re in office. There are supposed to be checks and balances, and each representative is supposed to vote their conscience for the whole people. That’s the shame for all of those who supported the bill.

How many years has the ADA been on the books? How many years does it take to get something fixed?

Because my disabilities are so unseen I don’t even bother asking for help. People without wheelchairs and the like who are disabled haven’t a fighting chance on being heard. So our compassion for those with chairs and the like is extreme. Which makes this issue hurt even more. When you attack the weakest among you what does that say about our society?


As far as I can tell, these are the temporarily abled Democratic representatives who voted for this and also voted against the Dreamers just a few days ago. Some Democrats vote with conservatives on almost every issue. Others consistently vote the wrong way on ecological protections and climate change or other particular areas. We need people in Congress making progressive decisions in all areas, and where their constituents disagree, they need to educate and convince them.

Bishop, Sanford, GA 2;
Costa, Jim CA 16
Cuellar, Henry TX 28
Deutch, Ted, FL 22
Bera, Ami, CA 7

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you are so correct. I am amassed that no one named. I read it mainly to see who the Democratic fools were.