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'Shame!' Clinton Defends Death Penalty to Man Who Wrongly Served Years on Death Row



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Imagine that, a woman who views herself as a god wants to keep the power over life and death. Who'd of thunk it?


This woman has lost (or never had) any grasp of decency on so many levels and issues. She has become a political creature only, that will say or do anything regardless how destructive, false or contemptible.
I am reminded of the words of Joseph Welch to Senator Joe McCarthy: "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"
Also her words: “We came, we saw, he died!” on the brutal assassination/murder of Gaddafi are representative....not to mention Clinton's significant role in the destruction of Libyan society. We are burdened at this time in history with far too many that have no sense of decency.........

Tomorrow I can only hope that Bernie Sanders supporters will come-out in vast numbers to support and vote for his/our political revolution to begin to rid ourselves and nation and world of people/politicians that do not have a functional moral compass........or sense of decency.


Anyone fighting racism should OPPOSE Hillary Clinton on her PRO-DEATH PENALTY stand alone. It should never be forgotten that Bill & HIllary Clinton left the campaign trial in 1992 to "preside" over the Arkansas EXECUTION OF A BRAIN-DAMAGED BLACK MAN for thir own political gain. The executed man was so incompetent to be executed that he SAVED THE DESSERT FROM HIS LAT MEAL "for later"! ! ! That the Clinton's USED this State Murder to ET VOTES tells you jsut how LOW a character is here. Plus: in the 1994 CRIME BILL that Bill & Hillary Clinton PUSHED FOR & PASSED IN COLLABORATION WITH REPUBLICANS 48+ MORE crimes were made elegible for the death penalty & APPEALS FOR PEOPLE ON DEATH ROW WERE NARROWED. (Along with ESCALATING the "war on drugs" & JAILING TWICE AS MANY PEOPLE AS REAGAN DID!) creating the U.S> having he BIGGEST PRISON POPULATION ON EARTH. The Clintons did all this to co-opt the GOP's "law & order" agenda for VOTES---and NOW, all HIllary will say is that the crime bill hasd "some unintended consequences". Bill & Hillary Clinton COLLABORATED WITH NEWT GINGRICH on his "welfare reform" which HILLARY PUSHED FOR saying "The liberals will scream but we have to pass welfare reform to get Bill re-elected." RECENTLY she's said "Welfare reform worked out pretty well"--yeah, right CHILD POVERTY IS NOW 20%!!! Hillary Clinton will DO AND SAY ANYTHING FOR MONEY AND VOTES. She does NOT have the character to be president.


HHillary = SSDD → Same $hit Different Day → #Bernie2016 → <3
→ Your choice is your business, not mine.illary = SSDD → Same $hit Different Day → #Bernie2016 → <3
→ Your choice is your business, not mine.


HRC is a narcissistic, sociopath. She pretends to have feelings for people like Mr. Jackson, but her pretense is so shallow! Look at the look on Hilliary's face! Her double speak answer was patronizing.


Mr. Jackson said he was satisfied with Hilliary's answer, but I sure wasn't!


"You know"--I hate that vapid expression--murder is murder, Hillary whether an individual does it or the state. In fact, it is cold, premeditated murder every time the state does it. I stood in a silent protest the morning Timothy was executed by a state that has been bread on violence. and produced a Timothy. No, what he did was horrific but whether hundreds or just one is murdered why should this be a litmus test for applying the death penalty? When you kill even one person you destroy the universe of that one --whether victim or perpetrator--not to mention deprive him/her of the possibility of atonement.


A death penalty is nothing bu state sanctioned murder and as a citizen of that state, I am an accessory to it.
What is even more heinous is the fact that states use poisons which are designed to torture and extend the agony, while officials watch the suffering presumably with glee.
While I am dead against capital punishment, here is a tip: Every day anesthetists put hundreds of thousands of people to sleep for surgeries, painlessly!
A stronger dose would kill a person humanely, but that would probably not satisfy the fiendish pleasure of the torturers watching.


Great comment Emphyrio!!


I agree with everything you said except, "She does NOT have the character to be president." She seems to have the exact character to be president from Nixon to now. That's such an unfortunate and sad statement that I made and believe is correct.


It doesn't seem to be recognized that---
If the death penalty is the punishment looming at a trial by jury.
More guilty people will be set free.
Think about it---your a jury member--if you vote guilty--someone that you have been sitting listening to--- and watching-- for days--will die.
Most people can not push that button.
Personally--I would ask not to be on that jury.
If be chance i was to be on that jury--I would need the defendant to stand up and clearly state "I did it" before I would vote guilty.
Bottom line--
It cost much more money to kill a criminal than to incarcerate the person.
Appeal after appeal costs millions of dollars. .


yeah..... i can't understand Jackson's "satisfaction" any more than i can even begin to comprehend medgar evers' brother endorsing trump. my gawd.......


not to mention the facile act of war.......empire's wars......


http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/23929-jury-nullification-why-every-american-needs-to-learn-this-taboo-verdict check it out! you can serve but don't have to participate in facilitating a death sentence...... etc.


Shame on Common Dreams for always always posting anti-Hillary articles! I saw last night's town hall and I listened carefully to Hillary's answer and I watched Ricky Jackson's reaction as the camera followed him throughout her answer and later on as the town hall proceeded. In her answer she specifically criticized states' handling of accused person's legal rights and the death penalty itself. She ruled out federal death penalty in any case except mass terrorist killings like OKC which is more than polls show the American people are willing to do. Mr. Jackson seemed not just satisfied with her answer but pleased by it. He was seen enthusiastically applauding her every time the camera showed him.


Giovanna. Yes yes. The American people are guilty of first degree, premediated murder when there is an execution. Not to mention the 4% of people wrongly executed. I weep to read the list of countries that use capital punishment with the USA on that shameful list.
This is another reason I will be voting for Bernie tomorrow in Illinois. He is against the death penalty. It is so wrong.


Madame Mayhem has effectively applied the death penalty countless times to innocents abroad and at home.

Her reptilian tears for Jackson's ordeal bear the acrid stench of expedient hyprocrisy.


I hate to tell you, but Sanders voted for that 1994 Crime Bill.

For the sake of the working man, I'd vote for him over Billary, but revolution? Not.


'There are barbaric acts out there. But, in a world of so much violence and killing, I just don't believe that government itself should be part of the killing.'

That is really funny!

It is the US government which has been the cause of most kiling across the globe for the past 70 odd years, at least.