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Shame: Congress Votes For More Thoughts and Prayers and Mass Killings


Shame: Congress Votes For More Thoughts and Prayers and Mass Killings

Really, America? Astoundingly, the spineless, scum-sucking, NRA-bought Senate GOPers again blocked gun control bills universally supported by the public, thus valiantly standing up for the principle of doing nothing in the face of daily senseless bloodshed. As advocates vow to keep fighting, a new game lets you try to stop the carnage with Thoughts and Prayers. Or just vote the fuckers out.


This isn’t as easy an issue as you’d think. As someone who supports a blanket ban on assault weapons, I had a problem with this grandstand by the Democrats. But not at the level of gun control.
Understand that the core mechanism in his legislation was placement on “watch lists” and “no fly lists” in order to justify the purchasing ban.
Last time I checked, those of us on the left–at least those committed to a restoration of civil liberties–understood that most of the people on these lists shouldn’t be there. Now in this legislation Democrats are conceding that they are, in fact, “terrorists”.

I get that this is an emotional issue. It should be. But that’s precisely the time when you have to at least try to think some of these things through. This was a terrible bill.

Just insist on an assault weapons ban and leave it there. Don’t concede any chunk of the police state just to score a point against the NRA.


For anyone who would like to contact their senators and encourage them to keep working on gun control, the Friends Committee on National Legislation has a letter writing page set up:


I would vote them out but I dont have millions, tv stations, radio stations, or any media device that could. You’d have to ask Murdock or one of the six others who own the media. I bet they would help a good cause…


Movements get started at the grassroots level not at the top.


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Thank you. I just sent the message.


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What carnage???Excuse me, I am older and do not remember any weapons being brought to schools, colleges or nightclubs.


Yes, and these “prayers” are the first ones who like the guns.


My remark was sarcasm, but you are correct. I have done some myself by helping prevent Wally-world (Walmart) from entering a local small town. It is a difficult road with grassroots. Look at the power of the NRA with Congress. Watching that vote was like watching the voting process in Star Wars episode I with the Trade Federation.


Right. It is not an easy issue. I do not support a blanket ban on assault weapons, and I’m not going to go into the reasons for that here. However, what I would like people here to do is to step back and think carefully about what they have seen and heard regarding this event in Orlando. Please take the time to read the following two articles.




Would someone, anyone, please explain why people (civilians) have a need to kill more than one thing, (especially other people) at a time? What kind of a situation would require an assault weapon? As an added note pray for the lawmakers to stop lining their pockets and off shore accounts with corporate cash instead of thinking and legislating for the country instead of themselves. What a disgusting bunch of money grubbing ____fill in the blank.


Seriously, LFA? Seriously? A quick reminder: guns are designed specifically to kill. They are not feet and hands, they are weapons whose sole purpose is to kill. No offense, but a 4th grader would easily poke holes in your argument.