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'Shame!': DHS Asks for Power to Deport Unaccompanied Children


'Shame!': DHS Asks for Power to Deport Unaccompanied Children

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The Donald Trump administration is looking at ways to codify deportation of unaccompanied minors, a move that was decried by progressives, liberals, and even some on the right.



What if they dyed their hair blond?



Howzabout we deport anyone who stands/works against true democracy and freedom for ALL of “We the People”?! Wouldn’t leave a whole helluva lot of people left in D.C. would it?



Bruce, how about writing another song about not! Being proud to be an American.

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That was my exact thought and I imagine will ring true for many that follow us on this thread. Xenophobia is a powerful evil in this world.

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Have to bleach the skin too, eh?



What’s next, cattle cars to the detention/concentration camps?

DHS Comment Line: 202-282-8495



A more efficient gummint

Child abuse streamlined



God I hope this shithole of a person receives the Karmic Justice she so richly deserves

Pretty sure it comes under the heading “As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap”

Course still waiting on that one for killer Kissinger and darth Cheney



This is pure evil. This lady ranks up there with the worst of the Nazis.



Too expensive, they need to be marched on foot. That way we get another “Trail of Tears” or possibly our own “Death March”.
We need to put these psychopaths out of the rest of the worlds misery.



The goons are taking over…Trump has unleashed the zombie apocalypse on us…there is nothing too vile, or sickening, or vicious, or brutal, or downright idiotic for them. Certainly gives a new perspective on just how low they can go.



Speaking of goons, I saw a few a police VS antifa rally. There were multiple armored, heavy wheeled assault vehicles on the streets. At first I thought there was a combination of police and National Guardsmen. Nope, the dudes with the heavy weapons, tactical military gear to the hilt, had POLICE printed across their chests.
This was against unarmed protesters.
Police claim they have to armed as well as bad guys. Well, they made it by about a thousand per cent.

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Concentration camps are already in place in Syria. The US is allowing Syrian refugees to starve, go without adequate shelter and medicine. The “Never Again” just keeps happening all over the world.

It gets worse. Women and children are being sold into sexual slavery and human trafficking is allowed to happen right under this country’s nose. This area is controlled by the terrorist organizations that we propped up by arming and funding them to help the Obama administration overthrow Assad. He watched as ISIS got more powerful because he wanted them to overthrow him and look at where we are now.

This country has been the leading supporter of terrorism and so much of what it does is hidden from the public. But I’m wondering if people here knew about this if they would even care? Too many think it’s acceptable for us to invade and bomb Muslim countries just because of their religion.

Gawd I wish I knew a way to stop this country’s crimes against humanity, but I don’t. I sure wish people would think for one minute what it’d be like if their cities were bombed out of the blue.



This is the PTBs way of getting around posse comitatus. The US military cannot operate on US soil, but it can send its police to Israel to be trained by its military and then given military equipment.

We sat back and watched as this happened. It’s way too late to do anything about it now.

Americans are living in a full blown police state. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.



This is a violation of International Human Rights Law. This administration flouts human rights like it is something to be proud of. Shameful behavior by this administration.



What happened to the country I grew up in? I’m not liking the one we find ourselves living with at present.

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…I want Kirstjen in a phkn cage…

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How would you propose to do that? The shadow powers are out in the open and they never get pupunished.



It is the country you grew up in- it’s just that the evil is not hidden anymore.

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