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'Shame': In Dead-of-Night Vote, Congress Throws Dreamers Under the Bus Again

'Shame': In Dead-of-Night Vote, Congress Throws Dreamers Under the Bus Again

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With hundreds of Dreamers losing legal protections each day and thousands more set to be vulnerable to deportation in just over three weeks, Democrats and Republicans joined hands on Friday to ram through a two-year budget measure that lifted spending caps, dumped more funds into the Pentagon's overflowing coffers, and left nearly a million youn

The DACA crisis was created by the repulsive Republican prez when he canceled the program. He, McConnel, Ryan ALL promised, on the record, that Dreamers had nothing to fear. They PROMISED to pass legislation that would give them permanent legal status. Two weeks ago the Dem leadership told us they had secured PROMISES from the Republicans that the budget bill would contain this legislation. Every last one of them is a lying SACK O’ S#!T - from the racist fascist Repubs to the gutless subservient Dems. How much longer will the population tolerate this domestic abuse and either walk away or physically eliminate the greatest ‘existential threat’ this country has ever faced.


As the song goes, 'promises, promises, I’m so sick of promises, promises…'
Additionally, promises from the GOP, erm, ‘leadership’ are a total sham and Dems that voted for this are total shytes. Gawd!

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Cowards the lot.

The Democrats joined with the Republicans last night to give $300 Billion more to the military.

Anyone here at Common Dreams still unclear about how their vote on November 8th, 2016 has brought us to this moment?

I am no better than anyone else, however, I can see when I am being fucked.

Please swallow any pride you have, and admit your mistakes.


seriously? the protection of illegal immigrants, even children, is the “great moral issue of our time”? Someone needs to get out more. Preferably to the vast pockets of native poverty they’re apparently avoiding during the commute.

Or maybe consider the volume of bombs dropping on the heads of non-American children, whom, presumably, are at least close to as valuable as the migrant kids?

That this is the wedge issue of choice for Democrats speaks volumes about that party, none of it good. And in the end, they even betrayed this group. What do you think will happen to the rest of us?


The great “moral” issue is US militarism and imperialism; immigration is a related, but secondary issue.


Whew, thank goodness there are such huge substantive differences between the two parties of the Duopoly! One is openly authoritarian, treasonous, fascist, racist, and slaves to the 1%, but since the other one is only one of those, they are the “lesser evil,” and thus we MUST vote for them. Everyone together: Yay Democrats! Go Team!

Um…not. The Dumborats may talk a better game, and they not be the disgusting fascists that the Rethugs are, but at the end of the day they still march in lockstep with them in most matters - war, Wall Street, foreign policy, the military and the MIC, climate change, kow-towing to corporate interests, etc. They also make a lot of promises that they don’t even try to keep. And the “I believe my Republican colleagues” is a blatant lie. Dumbocrats know God damned well - based on thousands of past examples - that when Rethugs promise them something to extract a vote from them, they will BREAK IT. I don’t buy the lie that the Dumbs really were that naïve. They simply used it as cover to vote along with the Rethugs - then when the rubber met the road a couple of weeks later, the Dems broke their own promise.

Sadly, the LOTE voters will continue their die-hard Democrat-supporting/voting to the bitter end, refusing to see this as yet another example of this strategy simply moving the goalposts further and further, incrementally, to the Right.


The US morphing into a one-party state. Remember what happened after the Weimar Republik in Germany ceased to exist…?

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What’s the big deal? Dreamers are only 0.25% of our population- They are mostly college degree educated and would be good citizens and good for this economy! It is time to remember that outside of American Natives/Indians and Mexicans we are all immigrants in one way or another- For Christ’s sakes, end this and allow them citizenship! Fuck Trump and all of his idiot minions and followers!!!


The MIC and climate deniers must love this quandary- It takes all of the attention off of their fowl deeds and agenda- The Repubs and Demos are getting all of the mileage they can off of this one…And the reality of it all is this is not the most prescient issue facing this Nation…Just another chip in the game being played by A deceptive bunch of LIARS!

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I think that we may hold a similar view here. Personally, I have to consider the bigger picture to be the at the fore of our priorities, when the greater whole is in such despair.
Poor Americans in some areas have been completely abandoned by not only the duopoly, but by most everyday people on the left. Is that a gross overstatement on my part? Not from where I’m sitting. I still live with ailments that my immigrant friends and coworkers never had to live with, or pay to have treated. I took their advice, and went down to the single clinic within more than a hundred miles that was supposedly offering free care on a 1st come, 1st served basis. I went repeatedly for a period spanning 8 months, and never made it past the entrance door. I’m loathe to describe the experience further, but suffice it to say that if I wasn’t truer to my principles than to my own wounded sense of honor, I could very well be like those poor rural whites that vote outside of their own interests, even though I’m not exactly “white”.
By abandoning our own poor, we assist the enemy by undermining our ability to resist them. We have less troops, they have more. It’s not cynical abandonment of immigrants, to demand that we take care of our own first. No one outside of the U.S. is going to help our own poor, and very, very few inside the U.S. are actually doing anything.
I want to provide a better alternative to immigrants, but to do so I need to be healthy. I need a lobby, I need community action on my behalf. Most of all, I need some pathway to partnership with others that aren’t just on the “I’m a woke-middle-class-community-activist” bandwagon. Those people don’t care about me or anyone else that isn’t trendy to support.
I’ve tried. I’ve folded pamphlets, donated food, worked in a soup kitchen… all while being malnourished, underpaid, with high rent, no insurance, no vehicle possible. Not one of the causes would have ever helped me, but there were none anyway, so if I wanted to do any good whatsoever…

Seriously, we need to focus our efforts on home, so that we have the strength to take on everything else. Our planet is not going to survive if we don’t focus all of our attention to it. We can’t do that if half of our native population is in poverty (or close) and has been dismissed as “privileged”, even while they limp on neglected broken limbs, and their skulls rot from dental abscesses.
The class war is not one sided, nor even just two or three. I believe our best chance to reign in our military, corporate masters, and improve the lot of every colonial victim worldwide, is to actually, for real this time, unite. Not just in the current, “usual” way.

Sorry, I know this is long, and there may be all kinds of errors, mis-types, and such but I can’t afford a computer, and I’m amazed that this phone even let’s me use the internet. I can’t safely move the text box or scroll, apologies.


Amen to that.

I too voted for Jill and Ajamu, and am proud that I did.

The only thing I apologize for is ever registering as a Democrat in 1972, and mindlessly supporting that party for 30 years.

If the general population takes as long as I did, I’m sorry to say, we may be in extremely deep doo-doo.

I too voted for Stein and I sleep very well at night. As for the other party the Capitalist Party with its two wings…well what can I say? They are in the process of waging class war and it’s getting closer to a neighborhood near us.

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Nice to meet another fellow Green.

Yes Red, war may be coming soon.

Tell all of the mothers you know, to hide their 18 to 20 year old sons and daughters away. Our unhinged commander in chief may reinstate the draft soon.