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'Shame on Him': 75 Democrats Decry Jeff Sessions' Inhumane Decision To Close Door on Asylum-Seeking Domestic Violence Victims


'Shame on Him': 75 Democrats Decry Jeff Sessions' Inhumane Decision To Close Door on Asylum-Seeking Domestic Violence Victims

Common Dreams staff

Seventy-five House Democrats submitted a resolution this week strongly condemning the decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to deny entry to victimes of domestic abuse and gang violence seeking asylum in the United States. The mid-July decision made amidst widespread national outrage over the Trump Administration's inhumane border and immigration policies, is now in effect and currently being challenged in court.


Why not go to south American countries, Mexico, or Canada for asylum? Why is the US the only option? To be fair, people should not always expect to be granted asylum from their country of choice.


Does Sessions and his gang of fascist thugs know that sending these women back is condemning them to death?

A: Yes he does.

Does Sessions and his gang of thugs know what you call a person who knowingly facilitated the violent death of another person?

A: You call them criminally insane psychopaths.

Does Sessions and his gang of thugs know what you do with criminally insane psychopaths?

A: Criminal psychopathic personality disorder is not treatable save for a radical brain lobotomy to render them vegetables - which is not ethical - so you lock them up for the rest of their lives. Or, in countries which still have a death penalty on the books, you execute them. Like Japan did (their first hangings in several decades) finally did to the members of that insane subway-sarin death cult last week.


Hey Jeffie, take your cross of gold with “Family Values” written on one side and “Right-to-Life” on the other, shove it up your ass and use your flag to mop up the resultant mess.


Much of it is simply logistical.

  1. There are no roads across Panama’Colombia’s dangerous and lawless rainforest swamps of the Darien Gap to S. America from C. America. They could attempt a treacherous boat ride across the Caribbean or down the Pacific coast, (or maybe the Colombian island of San Andres off of Nicaragua) but apparently unlike the Mediterranean this often fatal-to-the-passengers infrastructure is not in place.

  2. Secondly, many parts of rural Colombia (particularly near the Panama border) are as full of criminal gangs as the countries they are fleeing.

  3. Thirdly, they have to cross the USA to get to Canada - not likely to be successful.

  4. Fourthly, even if they make it across the US, Canada still enforces its rule to send third-country asylum seekers back to the US when entering at official border crossings - based on its mistaken belief that the US is still a country that respects asylum-seekers human rights. This requires them to cross into Canada at unguarded points along the border like the famous NY/Quebec Roxham Road or the wheat fields of N. Dakota/Saskatchewan - where in winter they can freeze to death. But this is unlikely anyway because of No. 3 above.

  5. Fifthly, they often have legal resident or US-citizen relatives in the US.

  6. And finally, the US has always advertised itself as the land of freedom which welcomes the “tired poor huddles masses - yearning to breath free”. You and I know it is bullshit, but can you blame them for believing it?

BTW, regarding Canada - please sign this petition - I think that having more US signatures would be very helpful…


A whole 75 of them…wow.


BRAVO I promote your comment to win the award of the week!


The rest were on the phone…you know, campaigns are expensive.


Why just 75?

There is no unity in the Democratic Party.

Giving them support, is enabling the Fascists to solidify their forces.

Our salvation from the corruption of the Duopoly will never be realized as long as Americans remain blinded to their past mistakes of providing support to the Uni-Party.


“What ever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.” I have a hard time getting my head around this self righteous " I can’t recall" lying AG presents himself as a Christian with a a moral code. He’s Trump’s lapdog regardless of his own heartless agenda. Trump and his loyalist carry themselves on the domestic and world stage with hate, fear, character assassination, (third grade name calling bullying), disruption, lying, lying more, … It is astounding and appalling. SAD


Question is, why these women would want asylum here? The US is apparently the third worst country for for women.

Mexico barely made it to #9. No Central American countries are on the list. I guess they didn’t do their research before picking their asylum country.


The US isn’t the only option, nor the only country accepting people from other countries. Being very familiar with Costa Rica, I can tell you that there are people from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, and Colombia living in Costa Rica. Simply because there are many refugees arriving at the US southern border does not mean that there aren’t refugees going to other countries in the Americas as well.