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'Shame on Sackler': Massive Protest Breaks Out Over Museum's Ties to Big Pharma


Here’s a link to Red’s piece from last year including his wicked scatterplot on mortality rates per prescription. As someone else trained in science, it was like meeting Science Jesus in one minute or less.


True. And for the record, the documented rate of addiction for patients taking their medication properly and with no known pre-history of addiction problems prior to prescription (another variable always left out. go figure), the rate is around .6 percent.


Agree with all but you’re last line.
Sadly Monsanto and other corporations have great success patenting plants. I suspect it’s one of the reasons so many corporations are getting into the marijuana business, they see the potential.


I hear you on the spine pain. My epidural was on the sixth. It surprisingly gave relief to my bladder and prostate as well as the back. Yesterday I realized it was already coming to an end. The uncomfortable urinating is back, and it killed my back after a half hour of doing dishes.
They won’t give me opiates I’m sure, and the pain clinic is talking surgery.
No thanks. I’ll take what relief icing offers, a little tylenol, and some THC, I think that means “tender holistic care”).
To Ditton. After 5-10 years of oxy pills My wife was ready to check out. The meds were as debilitating as the pain. She attained her miracle, and now it’s been taken away.
My state only allows CBD for epilepsy.


Thanks for the 411. And in sympathy, the worst pain I’ve ever experienced was in my lower back.


I have read stories from treatment centers that have had success combining MMJ with high level pain meds. By doing so they have reduced the amount of pharmaceutical pain meds while achieving the same levels of pain reduction for the patient. They have to experiment with different varieties of MMJ for each patient, and it’s not a cure-all, but it looks promising. Just a thought, you might want to look into it, if you haven’t already.


I realize you are limited because of where you’re living, and it sucks, but if you have access, keep trying different types of THC therapy, they all react differently to each persons body. Sometimes just using different varieties continuously helps. We all know that legalization of this plant will help researchers to find the constants involving pain therapy using it, until then, good luck.


This has been one of my more fierce contributions to the cause for the last few months investigating the relationship between low social levels of empathy and the cruel response patient are being treated to during this “crisis”.

In so many of my encounters with doctors, especially, so many assumptions are tied to their personal experiences with pain. Women are the worst, because they invariably raise childbirth. And then they meet our women, who gently remind them that they, too, have given birth, and that it’s a relative holiday compared to the conditions they suffer with. The looks are priceless.

Pain Range Experiential Theory is my name for it. Hopefully when I’m dead soon someone will coin it and run with it…:slight_smile:


Thanks for the encouragement. Did you mean experiment with CBD?


My approach is uniform. Our ultimate cause is to, like reproductive rights, establish the principle of treatment as an issue of privacy between a physician and a patient. That’s number one. The second is to ensure that one lesson the public learns is how crazy variable human bodies are. Some treatments work well on some people, but not at all on others. In some cases, they can make problems worse. This is insanely common. I respond generally only to opioids, and even though, only about 3. Morphine, for example, is borderline useless. My body simply resists MMJ chemistry in all the forms I’ve used. I have another issue with joint approaches, though: I"m stuck with the VA, and there are a ton of private options that aren’t accessible. the good news is that I don’t have some quack peddling endless surgeries on my, so there’s that.

While the pain communities are often at odds with each other because of what I call “treatment evangelism/chauvinism”, leaders in those communities frequently talk to each other and keep us all informed about trends. MMJ, Kratom and Opioid communities struggle to get along. Everyone hates the MMJ team…:slight_smile: Pot heads are pot heads. They’re certain it’s the only approach on the planet. Part of that comes from being in the longest campaign for recognition. They’re old, organized and really well-funded. But they don’t listen for shit.


Separating THC use from CDB therapy should be recognized by all communities.
Same problem with the VA here. I am getting some work from a pain clinic under a VA authorization which runs out the middle of April or May.


I’m a strong supporter of all cannabis options because I support all options on principle.

But I agree. There are all sorts of categorical imperatives when dealing with MMJ. But that’s an area for people more knowledgeable about it than me. I’m just someone that tried it and found it utterly ineffective, which is not unexpected for my severity of condition.

VA tried to put me in Choice a couple of years ago and I fought tooth and nail to resist it. Major fighting with my PCP…:slight_smile: Probably why I got flagged…heh heh. But I know some vets need to have it due to coverage issues.

Hope you’re getting what you need! Best, brother.


I got my heart work and pacemaker, my chiropractic, acupuncture, and pain clinic all outside of the VA, but authorized and paid for by them.
I’m using the third generation form of the Choice Program. “Choice” being the middle one.


That would be great for you, but you indicated that’s not an option because of where you live. I was talking about different varieties of the THC side of the equation. Of course this all depends on what’s available to you on the black market. Not the best option, but an option none the less.


Sorry to here that. I know from past posts we used to live in the same state, the state recently legalized CBD, but I’m sure the VA being a federal agency still doesn’t condone it’s use, good luck.


Now if some of that 70’s Tai Stick or sensemillia were were the THC we are talking about, your pain will go away at least for awhile.


You’re right, the VA won’t. I’ve asked a couple of times. I think they are waiting for the Vietnam era hippies to die off. Then maybe the pressure on the gov. will be less.


Marijuana breeders have been experimenting since those good old days, of about 8% - 11% THC levels, there’s now varieties with up to 32% THC. They have also discovered that different varieties have different effects on different peoples pain reduction. Throw in CBD varieties, and you have a full toolbox for effectively fighting pain. All of these pain discoveries with marijuana took off after legalization took off. The breeders, many were Vietnam War dodgers, took their genetics to Canada, and have been working on them ever since. Contrary to belief, Amsterdam doesn’t have shit on Canadian genetics. Since legalization, a lot of those genetics have flowed south, lucky for us.


That has been my experience. In fact, I react to just about all drugs and this is tough when you are in daily pain. Medical marijuana was of no help either. Wish you and the rest of pain sufferers the very best in getting what you need.