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'Shame on Sackler': Massive Protest Breaks Out Over Museum's Ties to Big Pharma


Who is supplying the opium to the Sacklers and other big pharmas? Where is the U.S. Afghanistan opium going. The Taliban had eliminated it. Now it is a major crop with U.S. military actively protecting it. Why?


Would be very surprised if most of the overseas opium did not go directly to the MIC & CIA’s black budgets, with a little grease money spread around.
Domestic corporations producing medical opioids can do so legally without the need to smuggle it in, so i am guessing they could be making it in the US, assuming they are even using natural opioids and not some kind of chemical compound.


Question: Is it normal for your grocery store to have an awful lot of available bottled water? Just curious cause ours does.


Thanks for posting this. I learned a few things I didn’t know


I know many people who are dependent, not addicts. An addict displays addict activities, robbing, stealing, begging. A dependent just wants pain relief.


You are most welcome. On my web site I have a page that may help as well. There are tid bits for everyone, I think.


I spent a fortune I didn’t have to find one breed that worked. My Doc says I can’t use it and get his drugs and injections. But I need both because of the complications of PTSD. Oh well


Great thread here. I would say one thing: we need to perpetually remind ourselves that addiction and addicts are horribly stigmatized. For example, a dear friend of mine is now 67 years-old and has worsening chronic pain from lumbar spinal stenosis. He’s been on and off opioids and we damn near lost him. When discouraged, he would disparage himself as “just a junkie.” At one point, he went through an inpatient withdrawal process to go on suboxone. It was a horrible, lock-down exerience for him, and he came out complaining about being “locked up with street junkies.” I sense some of this same sentiment toward addicts in some comments herein.

Stigmatization enforces an inhumane and false dichotomy between dependence and addiction, and it plays right into the hands of drug warriors and the prison-industrial complex. “Pain patients” are legitimate; “addicts” are pariahs cast into the street or the medical gulag that is the addiction clinic system. Woe betide the pain patient who earns the label “addict” from his doctor followed by the news, “We don’t treat addiciton here.” We have to stop treating patients this way and extend them effective care. I urge everyone to read Gabor Mate’s “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts,” and Johann Hari’s “Chasing the Scream.” In the latter, pay attention to Hari’s coverage of Portugal’s treatment of “addicts.” It’s eye opening.


Most opium that goes into “legitimate” pharmaceuticals is grown for the industry by India, Turkey and Australia. Well, that’s the DEA’s story, anyway, and they’re sticking to it!


The CIA has been running drugs for decades. The majority of the gains are used to finance the secret space program. All the big money disappearances have gone there, probably including the trillions that disappeared after the Great Recession and much of the recent 1.5 to 2 trillion in tax cuts.
Tin foil hat stuff? Perhaps. But at least consider the fact that there is a correlation with the beginning of expensive wars with Vietnam, the heightened presence of alien activities, presidential involvement, including Ike’s warning about the MIC. Part of that I think was a warning about all the money going in the space program that Joe blow American will never get a benefit from.
I think we are going to see more and more people start to disappear.


You’re story is gut wrenching. That said let me respectfully tell my wife’s story. Fell off a step ladder at work and jammed her wrist, arm, and shoulder. Doctor, x-ray, nothing wrong, do physical therapy. The pain wouldn’t allow it. Doctor washes his hands of it and we go to a surgeon. Operation to shorten expected collar bone impingement. No help, just more pain. Over a period of a few years 3 more shoulder surgeries. No resolution, only more and continued pain. Last resort before being released forever, a prominent surgeon took a final x-ray and discovered a cracked (broken) shoulder years old by now. Result: Pain is chronic by now, and forever. The morphine treatment that had been working to a degree now crapped on by the FDA and CDC. I’m hoping green light has promise.


It was Gary Webb who exposed the CIA involvement in cocaine smuggling in the US to fund the Contra war in Nicaragua. Most of the cocaine went to gangs in San Francisco and Los Angeles fueling the crack cocaine crisis in Black communities. Naturally all the major west coast rags admitted shortcomings in Webb’s reports and dropped further news on the scandal. Quid pro quo the American way.


There’s our government working for us. NOT.


I forgot to mention that my dad also died on Thanksgiving Day. 2003.


Boy oh boy do I hope it does. For me it helps with auxiliary pain but not the big stuff, bone pain. On Wednesday I get an injection into L-5/S1 for the inflammation, which helped the first time but not the second. Has your wife had injections yet? I had one in my left shoulder years ago and it is still working for the shoulder joint thinning but I don’t have a broken bone there either.


I am so sorry to hear this, it’s making my vision smeary. I truly can feel your pain. It is like no other. A brother in arms.


I’m glad there are more places than I thought advocating for chronic pain patients, and this forum has people that can help with info. Encouraging.


It is, we live like there is no Tomorrow and yet we are so fragile.