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'Shame on Trudeau': Anger Stirred as Canada's Energy Board Approves Trans Mountain Pipeline

'Shame on Trudeau': Anger Stirred as Canada's Energy Board Approves Trans Mountain Pipeline

Julia Conley, staff writer

Indigenous tribes and green campaigners were angered but not surprised Friday when Canada's National Energy Board (NEB) recommended that the government move ahead with its planned expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline—despite acknowledging that the project will negatively affect the environment.

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Stupid, but at least it’s not coming here. We have enough problems withthe one already going under the Great Lakes.

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Trudeau is a fraud. The “we need the revenues in order to finance a transition to a green economy” is hogwash. His rush to proclaim Guaido leader in Venezuela was something that would have embarrassed his father. He now hard at work trying to discredit a First Nations woman who was in his Cabinet until she refused to go along with pressure to drop criminal charges against SNC Lavalin when she was Justice Minister.

A Corporate lickspittle to the bone.


Pipelines, Pupelines, everywhere. Pipelines, Pipelines, we don’t care. Poison our water, poison the air. Billionaires kill while we sit and stare…


Sadly it seems Canadians have no better results resisting these fossil fuel thugs, corporate or governmental, than the US citizens do. Ironic that it’s going to bite all of us in the a$$.


Oh I think this years off yet. There are already groups ready to launch another Court challenge. The BC Government still opposed and the First Nations people still have challenges they will take to the Courts.

The NEB was instructed by the Federal Court to revisit the flawed approval process but this does not mean it a go. They are only one element in the process and the fact that the process for the first approval was flawed meant this was the easiest course to pursue to get construction halted.

One reason why Kinder Morgan sold their stake in this to the Feds is because they felt even after the NEB rubber stamped the project the second time around (which was anticipated as being the result by all) they still faced years of delays and other challenges, The Government feels it can afford these delays. The Investor class does not like delays. They do not want to invest money if the ROI many years down the road yet.

In essence those protesting the pipeline won and the Government cheated to prevent that victory.


Where were all of you when I tried to tell you that was what Scheer had planned if he got elected. No one said a word to him.

I hope you’re right, and this gets reversed. I guess these decisions the last year in Canada have shocked me. I’ve always thought you’re government was more responsive to it’s citizens than ours is.

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Our’s is bought & paid for just like yours!

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Well there an election this fall. Here the thing. the Conservatives are the big challenge to the Liberals and they certainly would not halt that pipeline. Added to that however the majority of Canadians support the pipeline. The big opposition to it is here in BC and over in Quebec. Trudeau will likely start to push getting the thing started as soon as the “consultations” happen with the various tribes which the Federal Court also stated must happen. First Nations leaders have indicated they working on other options to delay it again.

As a side note, if someone decides to disrupt the pipeline some day, I hope they are smart about the location.
Also. today did a little shopping at the grocery store. As I approached the soft drink isle I stared. No wonder we want Vz oil. In one store, in one city, the oil needed just to spit out the tens of thousands of soda bottles is staggering. And then the parking lot full of cars, and on and on and on.

Sorry to here that.

Here’s to hoping the First Nations (love that term compared to ours) people are successful.

The NEB endorsement lacks common sense.

To the good people of Canada, " Put a stake in Trudeau’s (vampire) heart. Peace.

Although not as high a percentage as Nigeria, Norway, and many Middle Eastern nations, petrochemicals represent a higher percentage of Canada’s economy compared to the US. There was never any question that Trudeau would support this pipeline.

Another Canadian mining company is fighting to build a huge scar of an open pit copper mine in the beautiful Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson. The profits go to Canada and American taxpayers get stuck with the cleanup. It happens all the time. No forethought, little environmental mitigation, huge profits, and the locals get screwed. Yes, there will be jobs created but at what cost?

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Just to demonstrate the mentality of these people in the Canadian Mining industry.

There was a proposal to build a vast open pit mine in North West British Columbia. This would have affected the watershed of a number of rivers and streams that are filled with salmon and added to that their proposal was to use a lake sacred to the First nations people as a tailings pond.

When it pointed out this would destroy the lake and kill all the LIFE that is in it they responded with "Canada has lots of lakes’.

As a child I read a lot of those Greek Myths. One theme that stuck out is that rivers, and streams and mountains and forests were deemed sacred and protected by local Gods or spirits . I think we need a return to the concept of “The Sacred” and have less a focus on “profits”.


Trudeau at the center of corruption case in Canada.

Trudeau must geau. But unproductive to replace with the corrupt Conservatives.

Politicians in Canada are in the pocket of big oil. Big oil says who gets to be prime minster. Even the NDP supports the gas pipeline. The 1% have all the money, they buy everyone. How can you have an open and free democracy with so much money in the hands of so few? How can you have a free market? Capitalism is bogus.

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