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'Shame on You!' Outrage After Trump Falsely Claims That '3,000 People Did Not Die' in Puerto Rico From Hurricane


So, call him on his bluff; and, publish the names and ages of the people who died. Then, challenge him prove that they weren’t real, live people. Until you publish a list, he’ll keep saying this is hearsay.



Maybe it’s time to bring back the tar and feathers.


Three of the great stains on our nation:

  • Slavery
  • Katrina and our failure to help the needy and dying in New Orleans
  • Maria and our failure to help the needy and dying in Puerto Rico.


(I am clear. There are far too many others. But these particular three resonate for me in this context.)


Yeah, since Trump thinks he is infallible he might consider, after he is impeached, getting the Popes job!


Sorry, Shantiananda, Pence has a lock on that position.


Dear Anonymous,

Try harder.


You missed the original crime: The theft of land and lives of the First Nations.


Well he can’t count can he!!!


Yes, I see now even hurricanes are caused by dimorats. This Dump is mentally unstable and his flock loves him for that- probably because they are at least as unhinged as he is.


Then we the people need to hold them accountable. We need to be the leaders and continue to let congress et al know that they are our employees. I call congress, and our statehouse at least once a week. Make a pain in the arse of yourselves. Just typing on here is not enough.


Ask your members of congress that, and tell them that they are being complicit in throwing our country away, then telling the people to lie in fear of terrorism. Plus let spiritual “leaders” know that it is not acceptable to honor a “man” who cheats, lies, abuses men , women and children all in the name of those “unborn” as if in a cult!


They are insane and part of a cult.


That happened a long time ago when Europeans stole from the tribal people.


The 25th? We all need to stand together. Be sure to vote. We just had a write in from Move On win in a special state election with not a whole lotta money, either. If we do not stand for something then we are complicit. We cannot just make comments and be against something. The write in candidate won BTW running on what we progressives believe in- public ed, medicare for all, a clean environment, liveable wages , better and more affordable housing, etc.


Well if they are white fascists bahble thumpers, and members of the cult of the unborn they probably will!


Fortunately, as far as I know, my congress critters here in Oregon are usually on the right side of “We the People” issues.


A sociopath never does.


Then let’s HOLD them accountable and not just talk about it. Hey the real president is Pence- just like Cheney was when Bushie Boy was in office.


Remember this is serious stuff- if people just mimic him and his cult we will not get very far. The damage from this administration will affect us for decades to come.


Right on-----talk about victimhood -----Trump is always playing the victim----something republicans are always lecturing progressives about------also using the courts in lawsuits–from Bush vs Gore to all the lawsuits Trump has filed and those he threatens to file.