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'Shame on You!' Outrage After Trump Falsely Claims That '3,000 People Did Not Die' in Puerto Rico From Hurricane


You may want to check out the history of Puerto Rico because it only gets worse. And even today the island is in debt and Obama imposed a $6.00 minimum wage on the island----this is modern day slavery.


Trump is a window of the greed and hate in the US. He is a fitting president.


The House and the Senate pass these legislative packages allocating billions of dollars to weapons systems that by their own accounts aren’t worthy, pass tax cuts that increase the wealth of the wealthy, and increase the deficit for future generations. But they cannot be bothered to take care of the very basics needs of the people before and after a catastrophic event. They are complicit.


So true, my congressional people are great and they know what I think and sometimes it is hard to get ahold of a politician in a state where you don’t reside but I do try.


We are, and have been living on a different planet since Trump. It is called “Bizarro World.” A place where everything seems to be upside down. We can move along just fine if we understand where Trump is coming from. He sees life as something revolving around “him,” and him alone. That includes his wife and children and we should not expect any other effort. Trump, in his own little world, is the one telling the truth and everyone else is lying. Because they are wrong or they are trying to defame him.
Trump refuses to see the whole picture of Puerto Rico. Those other 2,540 deaths are not because of poor FEMA response, after all, he was there tossing rolls of paper towels. What could be wrong after that personal appearance? G



LMAO! Who the fuck even believes that Donnie John HAS a soul?