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Shame, Trauma, and Confusion as Judge Blocks Obama's Trans Bathroom Order


Shame, Trauma, and Confusion as Judge Blocks Obama's Trans Bathroom Order

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Hours before the start of the new school year, a federal judge issued a national injunction against the Obama administration directive requiring public schools to grant transgender students access to facilities consistent with their gender identity.

"Late Sunday order to make sure Trans kids start off the school year with shame & trauma," Chase Strangio, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) wrote on Twitter, responding to the news.


the Constitution assigns these policy choices to the appropriate[?] elected and appointed officials, who must follow the proper[?] legal procedure.

I sincerely hope the full ruling is that vague.


Having used public bathrooms in the past this issue holds some resonance with me.

However on a list of issues ranked from most important to least important to us citizens, this is on the bottom of that list.
Right below the issue, should dogs be allowed to crap on my front lawn?


As the mother of a transgender adult, who has shared the discomfort they went through in school, the issue holds very deep resonance for me. If it doesn't bother you, keep your nose out of it.


All I'm pointing out is, is that this is a very, very, very, very narrow issue.
We have much bigger fish to fry in this election.

I'm sorry for your adult child's history of discomfort.


Hey transgendered folks, if ever you need a loo, you're welcome to share mine. Its not fancy, I keep it clean, the door closes on it and when you say 'thanks' I'll say you're most welcome and if ever the need arises again, keep it in mind, pay the goodness forward and keep the love in circulation.


Exactly right! Really this is the issue that america concerns itself. Where to take a shit! How bout we all go to DC and shit on congress since that is what they are doing to the American public!


Dear Imhotep, That is cold blooded. When the Transgender community is being brutalized, murdered, etc. on a daily basis here in the USA. The Transgender communities concerns are a huge issue that need to be taken very seriously. As for this judge that the Anti-LGBT sub- humans dug out from underneath a rock, he will be overturned, then returned to life underneath a rock.


The binary definition of sexual orientation and identity no longer apply or are representative. But this is both politics and religion used for hate and discrimination. But I guess the only protected minority are the elite and their enforcers, yet some people live and exist in a new or never ending Dark Age. It's just sad and tragic.


I think the real problem dates back to the first time a judge or someone in a position that can "interpret" or reinterpret the law came about. I thought Obama made this an executive order, but apperently not. It seems the Bush era judges always know what the forefathers thought, though I havent read one that ever got it right. Because if this is about a religious right, not all forefathers saw that the same way. So back to picking and choosing how laws play out, or in their words, "interpeting." Maybe one day they will have a grandson or granddaughter that might not see life as the supposed 'Merican Dream. (Still havent found this dream in the constitution, nor values of any kind.)


So, apparently, the judge has ruled that trans people are allowed to be shamed, humiliated, and abused for having the common decency of going off to the restroom. If the shame is no greater, but it may be more safe, many may choose to just stay in their seats and pee in their pants.


It's all interpretation, the law and the religion especially. Because the founders couldn't foresee everything we're finding commonplace (or even rare, but present) in 2016. And religion changes over the decades and centuries. Our grandchildren will certainly see it all differently. It's called life.


Until Massachusetts passed a protective law, my trans child preferred the risk of using unlocked portapotties (and learned where they were) to the risk of being "clocked" in the "wrong" restroom. And yes, trans kids have been known to make themselves ill rather than use either restroom. It's an awful thing we do, even if to only one of our children.


The election isn't everything. Even some very small lives began before it and will continue after it.


I understand all that, but, as far as I know, Liberty-And-Justice-For-All hasn't changed. Equal Protection Under The Law hasn't changed. You and your offspring paid a price for what should have been free.


Even those principles change with interpretation. In fact, I think both of those have been subjects of amendments to the Constitution. And we need more such.


Speaking of "small lives" being importsant, do you believe in abortion?


Damn, thats terrible. I'm truly sorry to hear that. I've heard people getting Hep C from them :confused: Thats the one thing, now we are talking about it, that I've not seen anyone talk about: sanitation or having access to a sanitary environment. Prisoners have rights to sanitary environments, but others don't...thats truly a damn shame. Its bad enough dealing with a growing body, but to have less access that murders and sex offenders...there is just something wrong with that. At least Mass. passed the law. In Colorado, with my peeps I hang with, there would be no problems guaranteed. In short, most are used to others that are different. Was voted one of the most friendly among LGBTQ.


I do trust you mean portapotties, not trans folk. Just to clarify before someone decides you've started a rumor.