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'Shameful and Concerning He Is Even Being Considered,' Says AOC as Rahm Emanuel Floated for Role in Biden Cabinet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/shameful-and-concerning-he-even-being-considered-says-aoc-rahm-emanuel-floated-role


ARGH ! falling on the couch & covering head w/pillow - ok -
now I’ll get up & start that letter -
Love the squad !


The election celebration is OVER!!!
The swamp is being filled by the same all over again!!!

Rank Choice Voting is one way to start dismantling this corrupt system. With Rump, he told you the crimes being committed because he liked to brag. With biden, it will be the same but he and kamala will keep quite, just like pence.


Morals Matter!


Well, jeepers, the same thing happened when Obama announced his Cabinet picks. A sad revelation of where Joe’s interests lie. Obama was really a moderate Republican, and much of his influence will be seen in Biden’s picks, as the people in the background flex there DNC/Corporate Democrat muscle.


This is nonsense, no different than the rumor that Biden was choosing Bruce Reed for a spot—original tweet was deleted by progressive journalist who proffered it—or that he was looking into Mitt Romney as SOS. What if some hyper-online progressive “journalists” like to push baloney for clicks? My bet is AOC has zero idea who Biden is choosing, but that his choice is going to be like the others, who are all experienced professionals from the relevant fields. Biden likes trains and public transportation, key to reducing emissions long term. My bet: look for him to choose someone with some knowledge of those systems.


Rahm Emanuel was the guy who embraced Bush’s Race to the Top program which pushed for more standardized testing and nasty consequences for schools that failed to measure up on those tests. He attacked public schools, exalting charters–even as they failed as ignominiously as the underfunded public schools they were supposed to replace. In a way, it is appropriate that Biden, whose failures in public policy were without limit, should appoint Emanuel, another figure whose wrongheadedness helped bring down the cherished model of free public education for all.


This story is no more a surprise than has been Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat at the polls. Biden is a thoroughly corrupted and unrepentant principle of the neo-liberal unDemocratic Party. The appointment of individuals like Emanuel to positions of power and authority, or the serious contemplation thereof, is exactly what we should expect of Biden and his party.

Biden’s election or, perhaps better said, Trump’s defeat sidestepped or at least postponed a rapid descent into a political darkness from which the U.S. of A. might never have recovered it’s sense of worth or even its sanity. That is the only reason justifying a vote for Joe Biden and his uniquely despicable party.

This story is simply the latest of so many red flags waving so obviously in the faces of the American people. The unDemocratic Party is captured, thoroughly and irrevocably, by big money and make no mistake of this - that goes for the so called progressive caucus every bit as much as it goes for sellouts like Schumer, Pelosi and Biden. There was and is one reason to contemplate any support for Biden and his party, that being to get Donald Trump out of the White House and that time is fast approaching. Biden and his party must be subjected to the same level of scrutiny that’s been necessary for Trump and his Death Cult. And it must be unrelenting.


We need women and people of color to hold these key positions! Oh you mean people like Rahm and Ben Carson and Feinstein? I hope Biden is looking past their gender and color when he makes these selections. Someone needs to tell him that we the voters are not that stupid. trump himself had a diversified cabinet.

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What if the story isn’t true? Just like the one posted the other day about Bruce Reed getting a “promotion” which was based off of a tweet by David Dayen that he later deleted. Generated a large thread and lots of clicks.

Joseph Biden President Elect,

Joe, stop it now! Retreads, lobbyists, corporate stooges have no place in your cabinet! Stop betraying the people who voted for you.


“The thing about covering up the murder of Laquan McDonald is that it disqualifies you from holding any type of public office. Forever,” said Rep.-elect Cori Bush.

Thank you, Cori. This should be self evident.


as a potential candidate for U.S. trade representative

Let’s remember we are advocating also BDS Israel until Palestinians also have equal rights and some of us wish to see the healing in the form of a one-state solution for both people. Emmanuel has made clear his position on this score too.


Right. And add to his accomplishments Chicago being the murder capital of the US during his watch. Failing upwards, the American way, as usual.


I think all Joe’s picks so far are solid professionals who should get fairly easy confirmation in the Senate. That’s important if you are looking to actually govern and create policy.


that Emanuel considered is simply the preview of the coming horror show that will be the racist war monger Biden’s legacy


Shameful? Concerning?

Poppycock! (to use an ancient expression). This is mere revelation of who Joe Biden really is.

And here’s the thing - present day Resistance Theater aside, “The Squad” knew exactly what Biden is, before they sold their souls and went to bat for that war criminal.



It is likely Biden is hedging his bets against losing the seats in Georgia next month, which will have confirmation consequences. And in which case Mcconnell will once again be holding this democracy hostage for the next 4 years. So, it would be very stupid to pick someone like Emmanuel or a Clinton that would reignite an already smoldering fuse.


I don’t think they sold their souls. The most important task for Americans and for congress, including the Squad, was to get rid of the orange pile of crap in the White House.


Same old sickening crap. Time to build a People’s Party.