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'Shameful and Cowardly': CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill for Daring to Denounce Oppression of Palestinians


'Shameful and Cowardly': CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill for Daring to Denounce Oppression of Palestinians

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move decried by critics as blatant suppression of dissent and an attack on all who advocate for the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people, CNN on Thursday fired contributor Marc Lamont Hill for daring to denounce the oppression of Palestinians and endorse "a single secular democratic state for everyone" ove

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CNN, which I guess stands for the Constrained News Network really blew this one–and out in the open. If they had been more clever, they would have simply “relaxed” his appearances. By firing him, they have brought eyes to the matter by fucking the pooch. GOOD! We are (not) watching CNN, you made your point loudly and clearly. Journalism is dead, and we have killed it. (with apologies to Nietzsche)


So much for CNN pretending to defend freedom of speech.


Contact CNN and crash their phones and email. https://www.wikihow.com/Contact-CNN



I stand with you, Prof. Lamont and salute your courage for pointing out the solution. The two-state solution has been quite a disingenuous proposal that intentionally has gotten nowhere.


As a liberal it’s getting harder and harder to tell wacko conservatives and various other sundry Nazis that Jewish interests don’t control a sizable portion of the US media.
But then again, CNN just silenced a climate scientist that simply wanted equal time on their network, and at the same time gave more screen time to an oil lobby funded Rick Santorum so,that he could once again decry science.
When one looks objectively at the supposed left leaning media in the US (CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, ect) three facts become all too obvious. They love to hate Donald Trump (yet never actually call him a liar on air). They cow-tow to big Oil advertisers by giving their spokesmen equal time with legitimate climate scientists (and despite hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and the like, never mention global warming in their coverage). And of course they defend Isreal and the Jewish American lobby with a fervor unequaled.
This is the kind of “media” you see when you’re more worried about selling ad space than reporting the news.


Make this right cnn. Chris? Wolf? Anderson? Allison? What say you?


BRAVO to Marc Lamont Hill for his courage and honesty speaking truth to the world and defying the Israeli killers and racists that use any and all methods to silence voices in opposition to their racist oppression and occupation and illegal settlements of the Occupied Territories against International Law…too bad our own politicians and elected officials are too craven and weak to do the same!

The power of the zionist/Israeli lobby to subvert and influence our nation, Congress and president to their own extremist agenda and narrative at the expense of truth, justice, International Law and the UN Charter!

The foreign power that has been subverting our nation’s interests for half a century that now, under the trump regime, has taken our government, press, and politicians by the throat to coerce them to kowtow to the zionist extremist terrorist entity! The cowardice of our elected reps in the face of Israeli political pressure is a craven betrayal - the “third-rail” of US politics is the Israeli subversion of our nation!

No other nation has ever subverted and manipulated our sovereignty and politics, so brazenly and openly as Israel, its right-wing government, and its Fifth Columnist traitors in America, the AIPAC - a lobby dedicated to the foreign power regardless how our nation or any others are forced to pay and support, are hurt politically in International relations and compromised domestically - over $5 billion in annual tribute (aid and “forgiven loans”) delivered to the zionist state by our sold-out craven treasonous politicians!

The crimes against humanity by the zionist entity are now focused on destroying Iran - that is others destroying that sovereign nation, one of the only with the integrity to stand against Israel’s extremist expansionist racism and ethnic cleansing, our government turns a blind-eye to, as it does the other extremist dictatorship manipulating our nation for its own interests with the support and arming by the current trump regime, the saudi "monarchy.


Sad to see that my fears that the murders at Tree of Life would be used to attack on defenders of the Palestinians are coming true.

If defending a people who have been robbed of their land, driven from their homes and murdered makes me an “anti-Semite” then, just as my anarchist gay brother proudly calls himself “a queer”, I guess I’ll have to call myself an “anti-Semite.” Let’s rob this inflammatory phrase of slander against us of all meaning.


A false zionist propaganda narrative and BS from the newbie pro-israel mouthpiece…any lie or deception to further zionist ethnic cleansing, of Palestine, “religious” racism, and open contempt for International Law and truth is pushed by israel and its propaganda hasbara shills…gfys


CNN has been running a week long report about anti semitism and the Holocaust. It is as blatent a propaganda piece as i have ever seen on any subject.
There is zero neutrality in the report and not one even slightly dissenting voice .
Could Mr. Lamont’s firing be a coincidence or ?


Newbie hasbarist alert!


He did none of that. You are doing something called “bald-faced lying”.

I noticed you just joined - which suggests that you are a paid or volunteer troll employed by the current Israeli government or it’s lavishly-funded US supporters. I have flagged your post as an inflammatory attack.


Thank you MR. Chosen ,for your superior input.


It’s freedom to propagandize that CNN cherishes. .


It’s noteworthy that any criticism of Israel whether direct or inferred seems to result in charges of anti-semitism. I also wonder if Richard Plepler of HBO, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia (who owns CNN), and or Jeffrey Zucker, the president of CNN (although he is on hiatus for health reasons) has any influence in this decision.

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Further, Warner Brothers Studios (which eventually became WarnerMedia) was started by 3 Jewish brothers from Poland. I think Professor Hill pissed off the wrong people. No dissent, however reasonable, is ever tolerated from the Pro-Israel line.

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Well actually, it is perfectly OK to violently dissent if one is part of a right wing nationalist movement. Indeed, the wacko right wing, can chant " Jews will not replace us" (aka Charlotteville) on national TV and march with torches (akin to German rallies from the 1930s) and CNN doesn’t even seems to have a problem. Nor does the Jewish Lobby. Funny how they save their bile for slightly left leaning intellectuals.


I love an optimist.