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'Shameful': As Shutdown Continues, Trump Administration Suggests Unpaid Federal Workers Do Odd Jobs for Landlords to Cover Rent


'Shameful': As Shutdown Continues, Trump Administration Suggests Unpaid Federal Workers Do Odd Jobs for Landlords to Cover Rent

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the partial government shutdown expected to extend into January with no funding agreement in sight, the Trump administration suggested on Thursday that the hundreds of thousands of unpaid federal workers who have been furloughed could do odd jobs and chores for their landlords to help cover rent.


Not much of a “shutdown”.
Most government programs are funded already and only non-essential workers are out.
Pretty much everyone not getting paid now gets it when the farce is over.

Is money still being taken from your paycheck? Then the government isn’t shut down.


Trump should apply for a job as a Janitor cleaning toilet bowls. He’d be fired after one day as he couldn’t do that job either.


Point taken. If Pwesident Twump is listening, I’d suggest to him that shutting down the US’s 800+ overseas military bases coulfd save literal boatloads of money.


So, is rump’s presidential pay being furloughed? His should be the first.


Your approach doesn’t help those facing a cash flow crisis or those (like janitors) that work for government contractors and who will not get paid for lost work time. The further you’re down the food chain, the greater the damage done to these workers.


Amazing that this government’s solution is to have the people who are suffering because of the Manhattan Landlord’s temper tantrum shutdown over a wall with his name on it are told they should work for free doing their landlord’s bidding because they can’t pay their rent. I wonder whose idea that was??


No doubt Verison will let people come in to sweep their floors to cover the phone bill. I bet Chase would be happy to have them come in and call people who are late with their bills and demand payment. They could go repossess the vehicles of other government employees. So many possibilities.


Whats next?

“In return for food and shelter Black People can work for plantation owners growing Cotton . They can help clean the owners mansions and the Women can keep the Landlords beds warm”.

Make America great Again!


Was that “black” humour? (Rhetorical question). LOL

Or this could happen:


In years past “moonlight” employment was limited for gubmit employees. Perhaps they are now allowed to moonlight as repo men and other night jobs ?


Fuck you. General Motors or Amazon continues to take in revenue (and their stock value goes way up) after they lay off thousands of workers too.

You are no anti-fascist. You are an Ayn Randite fuck.


These letters are stunning and preposterous. Of course, the most useful information in these “sample letters” - that the laid off workers are eligible for unemployment benefits and a list of the state agencies to contact, is not included… Unemployment benefits? That is socialism!


I’d like to think this is true, but I’m not sure. These people have not been laid off or otherwise lost their jobs. Instead, they are simply not being called to work. Does that qualify them for unemployment benefits? I doubt it, but I’d love to be wrong.


And closing bases would put an immediate stop to a shutdown. Some sacrifices just can’t be made by the U.S. government.


ALL federal employees should stay home. It wouldn’t take more than a day.


Someone should hand out bricks to everyone and then line up to smack Trump up side the head. Using his insane logic as an example, we should be lining up Trump, his hires, some of his fires, all of his followers and ready, aim, fire.


He’d probably eat the big mints instead of putting them in the urinals


The Coast Guard is not even getting paid. Is that non essential? Nope.


I think you are right. They are still employed. why are workers not protesting as in France? Are they that cowardly?