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'Shameful Attack on Transgender Youth': 11 States Sue Feds over Bathrooms



The key term is: gender identity. Not knowing what that means is were people get lost in this discussion. The funny thing is that Obama said this is so kids can feel safe...guess others dont. And we wonder how its legal or socially ok to murder children on playgrounds with toys in their hands.


Bernie did denounce violent demonstrations by those claiming to support him at Trump rallies, many weeks ago ...


Ah yes, the usual confederacy of republican dunces (but I repeat myself). There's really nothing to compare them to without radically diminishing the status of whatever it is you compare them to. Even dung has value as fertilizer.


The rioters - who are mostly racial and ethnic minorities who will be deeply affected by his politics and his supporters, are speaking for themselves in opposition to Trump. Their actions have nothing to do with any other presidential candidate. Yes, sometimes rioting (so-called "violence" even though only inanimate building materials are being damaged) is needed to resist oppression. For example, it was the rioters in the 1960s and their threats of more rioting who forced the powerful to listen to the pacifist MLK's demands - they would have ignored him otherwise .

I noticed that you joined this forum yesterday. Based on your absurd icon, you are either a provocateur for Trump or you are a kook. I have flagged you. Go away.