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'Shameful, Bigoted, Cruel': Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Trump's Transgender Military Ban

'Shameful, Bigoted, Cruel': Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Trump's Transgender Military Ban

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a decision LGBTQ rights advocates immediately denounced as an "awful attack" on the rights of transgender Americans, the Supreme Court's conservative majority on Tuesday gave a green light to President Donald Trump's widely condemned ban on transgender people serving in the military.


The “Supremacist Court” is showing it’s bigotry and hate.


No one regardless of gender should be prevented from consciously and voluntarily joining and being a part of the murderous, destructive, corporatized US imperial war machine. /sarcasm


The historically typical fascist agenda continues: 'First they came for the… ’
The most marginalized, the most disenfranchised first and then the rest who don’t fit their fascist ideology. In Nazi Germany approx. 100.000 LGBT were hauled away to the camps, approx. 20.000 perished there. If anyone thinks it can’t happen here, think again…


It happened during the second world war to innocent, Japanese Americans.


Extremist right-wing “conservative” ideology, overt bigotry, and “religious” dogma conspire to further diminish our republic, make a mockery of the “separation” beyween church and a secular state, and discriminate against a segment of the population that has the right to be who they are and enjoy all the rights guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of rights! The SCROTUS is a goddamn disgrace of a majority lacking any integrity who push their “conservative” beliefs on society and nation!

What is being a “conservative” mean? Apparently nothing but bigotry and extremist ideology that dictates to others…along with the linked “religious” right …both groups ignorant in their narrow constructs - lacking ordinary understanding, common decency, and respect for others as well as our threatened world!



I agree with Lauren Rankin. I would hope we are both wrong, but unfortunately, with the far right Supreme Court and two more years of Trump’s racism and xenophobia left… frightening! Because we have not seen anything yet!

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The military is transphobic & homophobic. Gay men & transgender people should have the same exemption status from the draft that women have.

If I owned a restaurant, once a year on MLK Day I would put a sign on the counter that says, “We don’t serve whites.” Just to get some attention. I would actually serve them of course.
Just exactly who is afraid of a transgender soldier. Fellow soldiers.
It’s like any other sex oriented situation, if the person in question behaves in an acceptable fashion, so should those around them, straight, gay, lesbian, or otherwise.


There seems to be some misunderstanding. In Amurika you must be 1) white 2) straight 3) believe in a sky-gawd of their choice.
Do you understand that? Do you get it? No questions allowed.


Would you please elaborate on ‘If the person in question behaves in an acceptable fashion’…?

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Fascists are really fond of striking at the most vulnerable in our societies –

and we should also remind ourselves that the GOP/fascists are attacking women
in every way they can –

Roe is under serious threat
There is no ERA for females
And these fascists are also refusing to renew the “Violence Against Women Act”

Plus Trump has pretty much loaded government agencies with fascists also loyal to his will.

Women are a very vulnerable majority – ironically.

And they are what we are counting on and looking for to create change in our culture and
overall in our societies in at the least diluting patriarchy – AND, of course with the help of
males also seeking justice and equality and concerned with ending violence.

PS: I’d also point to the continuing efforts to create violence in our societies by Koch Bros.
via their ALEC organization used to overturn gun regulations state by state.
Combined with CIA drug running this is a purposeful effort since the1970’s to destroy our societies.
Hard to say which is the greater threat to Americans and their families – Global Warming or fascism.


No list, but presume this is the 5, including the two GOP perverts - Kavanaugh and Thomas.

No thanks to Kennedy for vacating but presume he might have recognized (or been alerted)
to the reality that he’d have to be making more fascist decisions he’d prefer to sit out the heat on.
Who knows?


THIS was an all-male decision?

I’m arguing that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in a position to rock the boat while she still sits
on the Court – speak up for an Equal Rights Amendment. Give a few speeches while
she can in favor of democracy, equality, etal. Come on, Ruth!

We should have billboards up for impeaching these 5 males – two perverts.

Obviously, it would be nicer to just be able to pay her tribute and hear about pleasant things.
But we are face to face with fascism here – and I’m quite sure she recognizes that fact.


Barb, not to derail the thread, but…now that Joni Ernst is coming out as a battered woman, maybe we can get a couple of centimeters of progress in the Senate.

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PB, they are also showing, at least to those of us who understand, their willful ignorance of the biological causes of transgenderism and intersexism. Then they compound their ignorance and outright stupidity with the bigotry and hate you mention. Of course, none of this even touches the Establishment’s deliberate attack on the Constitution, an attack which has SCROTUS soldiers.

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Are we going to put big kid pants on now and think about the Court in 2020? Two liberal justices are in their 80s and won’t be there long. There are big issues to think about, like guns. Here’s a good article on the matter:

Sure, whoever gets through the Democratic primary won’t meet all our litmus tests, but a 7-2 right wing majority ain’t going to give three shits about those tests anyway. I hope progressives understand that.

"“bar those from the military who identify with a gender different from their birth gender and who are seeking to transition. Mattis’s plan makes exceptions, for instance, for about 900 transgender individuals who are already serving openly and for others who would serve in accordance with their birth gender.”

That first part make total sense. Apparently transitioning is not an easy process and it takes heavy toll on the mind and body. The soldier/sailor/marine/airman will have to perform a job that is usually physically challenging and with all the toll taken by transition meds they will be out of commission for long time.

If somebody already “transitioned” if they can pass whatever tests the military has i don’t see why they cannot serve.

The more unPC part is that, lot of people are not really accepting of “alternative lifestyles” and that is more pervasive in the military. A trans person will prolly not have much fun during basic. So i do not see why LGBTQ rights advocate and writer Lauren Rankin would call the decision cruel (it’s just another word du jour, kinda like “racist” that has totally lost its meaning). Might actually be protecting transgender individuals.

Sure. People should conduct themselves according to military conduct on a daily basis. Anybody.

It is obvious that social, private life, off duty should not matter one way or another. People deal with people whether neutral, as friends, or as an unfriendly.

I understand why you ask, but don’t we have norms of behavior that we all know? That would be acceptable.

I am glad you understand why I asked. That answers my question.

What I don’t understand is why that doesn’t satisfy Trump or his minions. A phobia I suppose.