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'Shameful Day': Critics Protest as Europe Begins Bartering of Human Beings


'Shameful Day': Critics Protest as Europe Begins Bartering of Human Beings

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Under heavily guarded escort, including riot police and helicopters, roughly 200 migrants were loaded on boats and shipped back to Turkey on Monday, marking the start of a contentious EU-Turkey agreement that critics have said reduces human suffering to a mere bargaining device.


Our nation’s SUVs, tanks, planes, and HUMVEES started so much of this, and yet our nation is focused on tonight’s big game.


Create wars that displace and kill millions, destroy their cities, villages, homes, jobs, future and lives - from which such “conflicts”, atrocities, crimes against humanity make some rich.

After the nations and homes are destroyed and people must flee or die, they are fenced-out or herded into pens, like cattle, denied aid or hope for a timely end to the horrors.
Rich nations begin to fear only when the consequences of their complicity and/or inaction to end the causes of mass displacement affect them directly! They “suddenly” become aware of the monster they created or allowed to grow - they ignore the criminal players that fomented, funded, armed, ignored or covertly influenced/advanced the conflicts, and focus on the victims only, to keep them out.
The “conflicts” this time allow refugees, victims of the depraved, to enter Europe en masse; Syria, Iraq, Libya, and warrant action, unlike “conflicts” in distant places or where victims/refugees could be controlled.

Only when the homes & wealth of the nations responsible, complicit, turning a blind-eye are affected will they act to “end” the conflict and sudden “tragedy”…


It appears that we like it that way.


What a horror show!

First Merkel and her followers in the EU throw open their arms welcoming refugees, making high-minded speeches about human rights and compassion and freedom and liberty.

And then the inevitable backlash sends the EU braintrust into a tailspin and they barter this unholy deal with The Devil Erdogan.

I’m not old enough to remember, but I’ve read about the shameful treatment Jews and others received when fleeing Hiter’s atrocities: boats turned back, passage denied, returned to the slaughter by the highminded nations who later congratulated themselves for winning the war and defeating fascism. And then from their collective guilt they put their collective stamp of approval on the Zionist Terrorists who ousted the British from the “Palestinian Mandate”, leaving the Palestinians to be slaughtered by the State of Israel.

The EU and US should recognize and condemn Erdogan for what he is and deal with him accordingly. No more blood soaked deals with that Devil!


You may not be old enough to remember but smart enough to understand this. Have you seen the great old movie, Ship of Fools? It is about one of these ships being returned to Nazi Germany. I have had the uncomfortable sense that the entire EU was secretly glad for Nazi Germany’s extermination campaigns given their own anti semitic pasts. The Dreyfus case comes to mind for one in France.


There were warnings at the time of the Balfour Declaration that the creation of a “homeland” for Zionists in the Palestine Mandate would play directly into the hands of anti-semites.


What I wonder is would Jews have been welcomed anywhere and if they know this instinctively and why they are so fierce and determined to stay where they are, the injustice toward the Palestinians notwithstanding? After all, a central tenet of Judaism is the sanctification of Life and their treatment of the Palestinian would seem to nullify this especially after their own persecution. It may also have something to do with the fact that many Jews do not believe in an “afterlife” although the numbers that do are increasing. This Life here on earth is what matters. A growing number of us do support a two-state solution but it may prove to be only wishful thinking.


I don’t know about this title…sounds to me like what is supposed to be happening… SYRIANS are the people with flattened homes
and it’s Syrians we’re being told are the ones fleeing to Europe, not Pakistanis and Afghanis… and Libyans, and Iraqis, and Yemenis and hiding amongst them are jihadists and IS members… it’s a fact