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'Shameful Day for Canada': First Nations Encampment Violently Raided, Land Protectors Arrested


'Shameful Day for Canada': First Nations Encampment Violently Raided, Land Protectors Arrested

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

More than 50 protests have been planned for across the globe on Tuesday in solidarity with a First Nations group fighting against the construction of TransCanada's Coastal GasLink through unceded Wet'suwet'en territory, with the number of protests rising overnight after Canadian police broke down a checkpoint gate erected by Indigenous land protectors and arrested more than a dozen people.


Just as in the USA and other Capitalist Countries across the Globe, the number one priority of Police forces in Canada is not protecting civil rights, or ensuring people safe. It protecting the property rights of the Corporate State. This is why they will do things like infiltrate groups of people protesting injustice and then throw rocks through the windows of Banks. It also why the RCMP spied on Tommy Douglas when he was working on Legislation to bring Universal health care to the peoples of Saskatchewan.


Shame on that weak, corrupt, oil-conglomerate kiss-ass disgrace and political fraud, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau! I have no doubt his father, Pierre Elliot, is turning in his grave over his pathetic “leadership”, and his mother Margaret should dope-slap!!


Next time you pull into a gas station for a fill up take a selfie. Next time you get a delivery of home heating oil take a selfie and send it to Canada to be posted along with pictures of the RCMP screwing over First Nations people.


Is this treatment of indigeneous people normal?

Of course it is. This is what the modern State was built on, and it has never changed its ways.

Does that mean it is o.k.? No, it is not.

Should this two-faced behavior of Trudeau’s surprise anyone?

No. We’ve got to stop falling for the pretty face, the pretty credentials, the pretty words. No one who is Truly respectful toward the indigenous would have appropriated Canadian taxpayers’ money to buy a much-beleaguered pipeline project.

Politicians are not friends of the Water, o.k.? Not ever. Not until we ourselves—and thus our modes of Self-governance—are very different than we are today.

Not until we stop falling for the lie that we can elect or appoint others to keep the Water safe, while we go about our (totally poisonous) business-as-usual…

We’re all One in the Water here. Water is Life. It’s up to each and every one of us, 24/7/365.

My profound prayers of gratitude for and support of the brave Water protectors holding it down in northwestern Turtle Island.

Though the muggles know it not—all appearances to the contrary notwithstanding—the Force is with/in you. With/in all of us who stand and speak up for the Water.

Together, we can do anything. Together, we can do everything.


Crush OWS and US water protectors in the Dakotas, et al all over again.


We are all the Native American and we will suffer what they have suffered if we do
not act against Elites/Patriarchy/Capitalism in every non-violent way that we can.

“Christianity” underpins Capitalism and gives license to exploitation of natural resources
and humans in “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature.”

My personal feeling is that we have not been able as yet to turn this depressing 1% vs 99%
around and will be unable to do so until we begin to act for Nature, Animal-Life and to end
the exploitation of all humans anywhere and everywhere. Any exploitation threatens us all.


In the 1800’s they gave indigenous people smallpox-infected blankets and killed off most of herds of bison they depended on for food and shelter. At least they had clean water to drink. They want to take that away too, all in the name of making as much money for the billionaires as possible, with no thought for the consequences. The Canadian government has become a mirror image of our corrupt government with no end in sight. When are the citizens going to rise up against this small cadre of billionaires ruling and destroying the earth? It has to happen soon. It’s a matter of life or death.


Those big guns vs. feathers speak volumes…


Same shit has happened here in the US: get a few corrupt tribal members to sign on so the corporations/government can claim they had an agreement. The Cherokees come first to mind. We each must needs stand in solidarity with the First Nations.


Is this what that punk Trudeau meant by reconciliation? Yes. Is it what he meant by “Canada is back,” in relation to climate change? Yes. It;s not only the First Nations who only own their land if an oil or gas company hasn’t found it useful–it’s all of us. If a gas company wants to build a pipeline that happens to cross your land, you can perhaps negotiate how much they pay you; you can’t say no. Your rights to your land are conditional, their rights to anything they want are absolute.


Isn’t this conspiracy theory that all direct action against capitalist property and police property is really an “inside job” getting kind of old?

My own anarcho-syndicalist brother told me that people he knew and supported (he was standing next to them) burned the police cars in Toronto at the G20. And representatives of the Mi’kmaq activists in New Brunswick issued a statement announcing their burning of RCMP cars at the fracking protests…

Why are you keyboard activists - and establishment types like Naomi Klein and Judy “Rubic-cube” as my brother calls her, are so insistent on robbing people in the streets of their righteous anger and agency?

And yes, such direct action, in the right conditions, gets the goods - most recently, Macron only started making any concessions to the gilets jaunes at all after measured amounts of strategic vandalism.


Do you need the links? The fact that protestors will damage property does not exclude the Police Infiltrators from doing the same.

It not an “old conspiracy theory” it an established and documented fact. In your own country that is what CounterIntel Pro was all about. A recent case here In British Columbia recently saw the Court of Appeal throw out a case of alleged terrorism against a couple because it was found the Police were behind the terrorism and were encouraging the couple in question to plan and commit said acts.


The Winnipeg General strike was infiltrated by The RCMP who later charged the workers with clubs while on horseback claiming they were violent. Dock strikes here on the West Coast were infiltrated by the RCMP.

I can get you hundreds of these links.


Well, lets see. I need someone to help me with the political setup of the area FN. Band counsels are elected by ALL band members? Are the hereditary chiefs part of the band? If so and if they were elected properly I don’t see how the chiefs can claim to speak for the band in this case. Please don’t get me wrong. I would love nothing better than to stop all oil and gas extraction, however, it seems that the band in question DID approve with the full knowledge of the members. You can’t have it both ways.


Not just christianity. All three of the judo/christian/islamic monotheistic traditions have developed a lot of ways to rationalize and enable capitalism – even though their “holy books” read quite differently. This is true of other institutional religions I’d guess.

The thing is that capitalism commodifies everything – including “beliefs”. If the proponents of these and other religions ever got around to admitting that – and stopped killing each other in the names of their gods – maybe the peoples of the world could make some progress.

Material conditions and social relations (when identified and admitted to) trump beliefs every time.


As a citizen of the USA- I am ashamed of the gubmits of the US and Canada.


Justin Trudeau - Canada’s Macron. And Obama (and maybe Beto) are ours - pretty faces without souls.


This is what peaceful protesting represents… Losing! These animals chose violence and should be reciprocated. This rule should apply to any group or person who is attacked. Either fight back or don’t expect anything good in your favor. We are at a boiling point, I would suggest that we upgrade our Rallies.


Only one group of indigenous peoples are demonstrating against the pipeline route. All others have signed off on it. Don’t create fake news please. It’s bad enough to have the MSM doing it all the time. I want to think that at least the alternate media would be more honest.


Agree –

Capitalism is judging everything by the yardstick of a dollar bill.

Situation in Israel under Netanyahu is ironic as they sought safety in the world from fascism.