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'Shameful Day for Canada': First Nations Encampment Violently Raided, Land Protectors Arrested


“although TransCanada claims it has signed agreements with First Nations leaders along the pipeline routes, Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs were not consulted, and say that those who signed off on the pipeline, which is set to cut through traditional lands, were not authorized to do so under Indigenous laws.” Sounds like First Nation trespassers got sold out by their fellow tribal members. Their elected leaders signed off on the pipeline. It’s totally legal and the RCMP has an obligation to enforce the law, no matter what it looks like. Now it’s the Mounties’ fault?


The talk here in Calgary is that most of these protesters are paid protesters (read the links below). While repressive regimes in the Middle East pump oil along with the Russians and the US (google oil production inside L.A.), everybody from the Rockefellers to the Tides Foundation are trying their best to kill “ethical oil” from Canada while the same sort of oilsands mining in Utah is about to quietly start up (near Vernal / Asphalt Ridge, Utah). While their is no denying that climate change is real and that oil needs to and will be phased out slowly as alternatives develop and become cheaper, Canada’s oil patch cannot be killed off right away while despots in the Middle East are allowed to mint billions and spread tyranny and engage in human rights abuses.


TransCanada does have signed agreements with the freely elected leaders leaders of the First Nations along the pipeline route, The fact that some "tribal elders " don’t like that is beside the point, they don’t speak for the nations the elected leaders do. Don’t like that then elect different leadership.