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'Shameful' Milestone: Congress Goes Record 3,615 Days Without Raising Federal Minimum Wage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/17/shameful-milestone-congress-goes-record-3615-days-without-raising-federal-minimum

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Let me just say, Morris Pearl of Patriotic millionaires is a fucking moron if he thinks that an easy out for his buddies is $15 hour and that will bring back the middle class. Fuck him and all his “patriotic millionaires”!!

Pass EFCA and other actual labor friendly legislation and you will bring back the middle class within 10 yrs.


Around my town, the “help wanted” signs abound.
And no employer can offer the state minimum and expect to find workers.
But I’m sure in the rural towns in this state, lots of Trump voters are willing to toil for $9.25/hour.


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No COLA for Congress (those who take corporate cash would not qualify according to the argument I’m making) without at least $15 per hour federal minimum wage. Every subsequent increase in COLA for Congress (those who take corporate cash would not qualify according to the argument I’m making) will be tied to at least double % increase in the federal minimum wage.

I agree with patricia-scully partially on her post in passing EFCA and labor friendly legislation. But in the meantime, having a federal base of $15 would sure help a lot of poor people.

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In a previous comment, you claimed no capitalist forced you to buy something from him or work for him.

So which is it?

Oh yes…here comes “the free market” to save us all!

We have “free markets”?

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So the answer is no government intervention? So you support no government resources for corporations small and large? Especially large ones where most government resources are earmarked?

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Another Libertarian bites the dust of their Utopian arguments.

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So that includes…defense of the individual from attack economic or otherwise, from predatory capitalists?

I agree with that, IF that is the point your are making!

Guarantee of property…such as guaranteeing that Big Energy doesn’t get access to public held lands pennies to the dollar at subsidized prices far lower than “free market value”, to then exploit those public held lands for profit while externalizing the costs to the public of such operations. That kind of guarantee?

So enforcement of contracts? Like pensions? So some fucking hedge fund can’t come and rip them off…those contracts? Should I go on?

Prosecution of frauds? You mean, against everyone else but the “free marketers” engaged in them? That the enforcement you are talking about?

I partially agree…

CIA, FBI, State Dept, the Pentagon, Security Industrial Complex…all should immediately be paid for by private corporations…on their dime. The money flowing through that corporate servicing infrastructure should then be redistributed to the masses for healthcare, etc.

Oh, and until that happens…large corporations and super wealthy individuals with offshore shell companies, etc should be kicked out of the courts regarding protecting their intellectual property etc and kicked off the taxpayer funded interstate highways and every other form of big bad government funded infrastructure.

Free markets. God this gets so annoying.

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as you state…

I’ve attacked the logic of your arguments, not you personally. Schoolyard taunts? What, a rhetorical question you have difficulty answering?

Socialist? My goodness just that alone is considered an argument by a typical Libertarian.

The Socialists are coming!

Libertarians do espouse a “free market” Utopia that will never exist, and never has existed.

You know what does exist? A sane measure of both capitalism AND socialism like in the Nordic Economic Model.

I’m not an anti-capitalist. I’m building a small business, for the record.

Obviously there is at least one clueless free trader joining in … it is not just minimum wage dollars involved. Millions of ‘minimum’ wage jobs are also ‘minimum’ hour jobs. Commonly called the gig economy. Paying someone $15.00 an hour for 14 hours a week will not keep them off of dog food.
One of my grandsons has three of these jobs, cobbling together around 30 hours a week. Well, make that two gig jobs. Last week while working at one of his other gig jobs, he was called to report in for four hours … he could not make it because he was already at work. Sooooo they fired him. Well, hell! The free trader Ohancap troll removed all of his/her postings?!

I was fishing with a libertarian. She was railing and whining about the oppressive government that forced her to pay for a fishing license. Meanwhile, the perch we were catching had been stocked into the lake by a state fishery to compensate for the fact that fisherman had fished the lake dry of fish generations earlier. She railed and whined about the state owning two state parks open to the public on that lake – but she loved visiting those parks to launch her boat. And she railed about the drunken sailors who were making the lake unsafe – except for the local constables in publicly owned boats patrolling the waters and handing out tickets.

Libertarians have sweet dreams. Then millions of people force reality on them.


Excellent post.

Can be tedious refuting their arguments, but not very difficult. It does drive them nuts eventually, turning their arguments inside out.

Oh damn, I was looking forward to OHANCAP explaining who owns the water in a river, the landowner at the headwaters or the delta where it meets the sea?


I think OHANCAP has been wiped clean from the site. I can’t find his posts anywhere now. Edit: his or her posts.

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Well, that’s a damned shame. I enjoy debating, plus I wanted to know who pays private prison operators in Libertarianville.

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I got, what for where I work, a good raise last September(we get annual reviews/raises) to $14.20/hr. Then, realized that’s what I was making at my previous job in 2002. My manager has been looking to hire more people, but at what they offer, (likely 9.25/hr) no one signs on. Ownership (family business) says their pay is “competitive”. We used to have 8 people, but business has fallen off over the years; we now have a part-timer and 4 full-timers. Personally, I think my manager gets a bonus for keeping her head count low.