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'Shameful Power Grab': Democrats Boycott and Progressives Protest as GOP Vote to Send Barrett Nomination to Senate Floor

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/shameful-power-grab-democrats-boycott-and-progressives-protest-gop-vote-send-barrett

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“Satan proudly spreads it’s wings…”

The war in America must be to eradicate hate, particularly within the GOP where hate is championed.

The forces of evil are lining up against us.

Be prepared to meet it.


Unless the Dems pack the court, which they’re signalling they will not do, then Roe and ACA are toast, and everything, including Brown v Board, is on the table.


Unfortunately, looks now like a done deal to me. Just asking: will the People of Praise have a bearing on Amy’s decisions?


Twice in the same year the most dangerous organization in the world have been given the opportunity to do the right thing, remove a psychopath from office, and now deny a sociopath from the bench. Chomsky is about to be proven 100% correct beyond all doubt. This is the most dangerous organization in the world. Climate denial, pulling out of nuke treaties, an extreme religious right gun toting cult hell bent on destruction.


This seizure of power alone demonstrates the vacuity of Biden’s proposal to create a commission after the election to recommend procedures and other safeguards for nominating new Supreme Court justices. This is clearly not enough to stop the GOP’s headlong rush to seize power in every way imaginable.

What we are seeing is the Republican Party’s refusal to accept any constraints on their power. Without a counterbalancing push back from the Democrats when they are in power, the country moves further and further to the right with every election and every Supreme Court nomination.

In my long lifetime, I have seen the Republicans (often with Democratic Party acquiescence) create a political alignment where the left is now the center, the center is the right, and the right is out in the parking lot with the nut cases carrying AK-47s over the shoulders and threatening to seize power through force and bloodshed if necessary to achieve their ends.

After this latest GOP constitution-defying usurpation of power, we don’t need any commission to study what is wrong with the Supreme Court. The Democrats need to take back the Supreme Court with the same kind of aggressiveness the GOP used repeatedly to push the country into fascism.


There have been a few times in my life when I found myself powerless in a close to death experience.

I had no readily available escape and I had to laugh.

This article reminds me of that sort of thing.

The democrat’s republican corporate capitalist candidate - Biden

thinks Barrett seems admirably nice.

Why are so many liberals worried when their candidate for president thinks Barrett is not a problem?

Isn’t it imperative that you install your corporate capitalist candidate so he can support more of the

republican agenda he has always supported?

Can you say delusional hypocrisy?


Forget foreign terrorists like al-quaida, they do not scare me, but the domestic, terrorists do!


9/11 and Oklahoma demonstrated that what was needed is better counter terrorism, not more military might. What was needed was someone in the WH who not only read the memos, but also had a reading ability and comprehension above the level of the republican numskulls past and present in order to understand what they were reading. What scares, worries, me most is H L Menckin’s plain folks of the land on top of the kooks foreign and domestic.


If Biden wins and the House and Senate are majority Democrat, this is what WE must do, via phone calls, emails, and in-person visits to their offices:

  1. DEMAND that Biden expand the Supreme Court by nominating at least four liberal justices to “balance” the reactionary, regressive, right-wing nutcases on the Court.

  2. DEMAND that the federal judiciary, top to bottom, be reformed so that reactionary regressives no longer have the power to overrule advances in civil and human rights, as they are now doing.

  3. DEMAND that unfit SCOTUS “justices” such as Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett be impeached and removed because they are so biased that they cannot rule fairly on any cases which go against their reactionary regressive beliefs.

Federal justices recommended by Mitch McConnell and confirmed by the corrupt, evil Trump regime are illegitimate, anti-democratic, and anti-progress. They must somehow be removed.


Bubba could easily be piled on top of Obama, yah, the donkeys time and time again have had the opportunity to bury the republicans through implementing progressive policies that would level the playing fields, demonstrating that actually good government really works. Instead, time and time again they bent to wall street’s desires which are not in the best interest of anyone but the 1%.


So, it seems the democrats have fallen back on their old tried and true protestations to the republicans.
Stop! Or we’ll shout stop again!


The second Schumer announced his plan it was obvious the republicans would be celebrating, in fact they were counting on it.


The Democrats should filibuster the nominee when she is in the Senate chamber. Their agreement to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees should go the way of the “Merrick Garland rule”, and the other “rules” the Republicans have ignored. Make them haul you off the floor, one by one.


Regardless of the outcome of this election, and I do fervently wish to see Trump and his brown shirts ousted, the Democrats will not have enough votes in the Senate to get a guilty verdict in any impeachment, sadly.

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The movie “Vegas Vacation” tends to remind me of Schumer. Chevy chase kept losing at the tables, but kept betting anyway. Finally, the dealer tells him “why don’t we just save some time. Instead of you losing some more, why don’t we just go out back, I’ll kick you in the nuts, take half your money, and we’ll call it even.”
Those are the negotiating skills of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.


That’s the one i wanted to see

Pull every procedural stop out to the floor

Boycott…Screw you Schumer

Stop the Vote with every delay you can do

Make them drag it out so that all can see


Piss and moan all you wish, not a single word of your spiel helps rid this nation of its major problem, Donald J Trump. Try focusing upon the immediacy of our problem here

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If the elites who control this country saw Liar Donald as this nation’s biggest problem, then they would have gotten rid of him, most likely using their right-wing lackeys in the Senate to push through the impeachment. Does this not suggest to you that the elites who control this country are a bigger problem for this country than Liar Donald?


Thanks for much needed laugh.