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'Shameful Power Grab': Pennsylvania GOP State Senators Slammed for Refusing to Seat Certified Election Winner

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/shameful-power-grab-pennsylvania-gop-state-senators-slammed-refusing-seat-certified


The flaw in the GOP runs pretty deep. We have work ahead of us.


They don’t call us Pennsyltucky for nothing you know :slight_smile:


Odd that the practitioners of government for at least a century are the ones who exhibit no faith nor confidence in the system. It’s now reached the point that they’re making it up as they go, and we keep accepting this. WE ALL need to take government back from those who use it against us.


Here is the US State Department weighing in on the elections In Venezuela.


These guys have to STFU and get their own house in order before they point fingers at other Countries where “Their guy” did not win.

Send in the clowns.


Nothing to see here, except more "Republican Sore Losers."



Shameful how many fascist-rethugs have turned into whiny little bitches like the infantile thug at the the big desk. This toxic wasteland in its final throes is not a pretty sight.


Unless the Fascists across the country are absolutely crushed, this will continue and get worse. It will become the new normal.


Questionable why Pennsylvania legislators could not at least provisionally seat Senator Jim Brewster, who was certified the winner.

In Iowa’s 2nd Congressional district, out of 383,922 votes counted, Miller-Meeks ( R ) won by 6 votes over Rita Hart ( D ). Congress on Sunday provisionally seated Miller-Meeks, although Hart is contesting the result, as not all votes were counted.


The US govt has always used its corrupt power against anyone it wishes. They’re just turning on each other now…just the next logical step in the total collapse of western ‘civilization’.


Is this a dress rehearsal for tomorrows counting of
electoral votes in the combined federal congress??

Can we expect this type of behavior every day
for the next two years in DC and in many states.

The Georgia election officials at every level are
providing us pride in ethics, hard work, results.
Thank you, Stacy Abrams, my hero.

Why are the elected not up to this standard of performance?


…These Fascists need to be hung by their heels, just like before, continue this and expect it…

…Stacey, you go girl…

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Here is PA, in a nutshell. Democratic voters outnumber republicans in this backward assed state any where from 52-48, and has been as high as 55-45. Yet our state house and state senate have been two/thirds majority Republican for over 12 years.
The lunatics are definitely running the asylum in Pennsyltucky




Thank you, Alex.
I’ll take Finite Element Analysis for $800.00
“What American bridge lost its steel reinforcements due to unexpected and unplanned for corrosions.”

You reap what you sow.

There is a song somewhere that goes something like - “Send in the clowns; they’re already here…”