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'Shameful': Senate Votes to Further Arm Saudi Arabia as Yemen Suffers


'Shameful': Senate Votes to Further Arm Saudi Arabia as Yemen Suffers

Common Dreams staff

The Senate voted on Tuesday to approve a widely criticized $500 million sale of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia, narrowly beating back a bipartisan effort to block the deal.


And while they’re at it their Fuhrer is whipping Saudis and other Arab nations into a frenzy against Qatar, whose people are now starving. Damn them all!


Who can blame him? The US is clearly a nation without an ethical foundation. Given its history of genocide and slavery, whose repercussions are still with us, this is also playing out globally.


It is all about the profits our corporate weapon makers will make. We have a war based U.S. economy.


Here are the murdering, shameful Democrats who voted yea: Sens. Bill Nelson, Claire McCaskill, Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly and Mark Warner. Got to get these DINOs out of office.


Is this another purity test?


The bigger and nastier they are, the harder they will fall…loook out…Big Fall is coming for the imperialist amerikan empire!


How pure can you be when your actions in the arms sales industry results in the deaths of thousands in Yemen, the bombing of hospitals, destroying infrastructure and water systems which causes disruptions and leads to cholera outbreaks, etc.,killing more. It’s spreading to Qatar, where the GCC is trying to shut down an entire country; to subjugate and bully those who don’t get with their program. And, the weapons gives them the edge.
The House of Saud is a cancer in the MENA and it’s spreading the disease outwards, from its base… There’s no purity in The House of Saud. Only the smell of exhaust fumes, views of oil slicks, blood pools and hate. It’s genocide and they’re getting the skill set to increase their kill lists.


The actual roll call vote link which should ALWAYS be included in these articles!

Saudi Senate arms vote rollcall


Joe Manchin is a disgrace!
I am surprised that Mark Warner voted against this Bill but I agree we need to hold these Democrats to account when they
repeatedly vote against Peace in favor of Oil Wars and dictators like the Saudi monarchy


The comment by the Yemenese man that there is…" nothing he hates more than the Americans", shows the shortsightedness of giving a blank check to the Saudi butchers. Just more fuel for the Wabbanist jihadi to recruit members for their terrorist teams. Just like Abu Graib became a recruiting tool for these religious perverts.