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“Shameful” Trudeau Accused of Violating First Nations Rights Over Gas Pipeline


“Shameful” Trudeau Accused of Violating First Nations Rights Over Gas Pipeline

Andy Rowell

There are moments that define a politician. There are legacies that they leave. But the reality of high office is often so different from the easy promises of opposition.

As a poster boy politician, who entered office promising a new type of politics, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, embodied fresh hope for many who wanted a distinctive difference from the toxic politics of his nefarious neighbour further south.

And one of those issues he promised a brighter future on is Indigenous Rights.


Canada relies on an extraction-based economy.

So all the pretty words mouthed by Trudeau amount to nothing if they conflict with the wishes of miners, drillers, frackers and clear-cutters.

Look in the rear view mirror. What you see fading in the distance is a planet worth living in.


Canada is one nation currently run by Trudeau and company. He must manage this huge landmass as best he can for everyone. Unfortunately pipelines are important to run our economy and will be so until an economy dedicated to renewable fuels is in place. For me, it must be sooner than later. However right now, pipelines must be built and made obsolete as soon as possible.


Oh Mr. Trudeau-----you have sold your soul for corporate money it seems----perhaps you should change the spelling of your name…TruDOUGH.


The problem is you can not make these pipelines obsolete “as soon as possible”. The same applies to the Kinder Morgan line being built for tarsands oil.

The Investment into these pipelines are not recovered for decades. Those Tarsand extraction plants going up see no return on investment for over 20 years as all the costs of construction must be paid for. When they make these huge investments , the Investors are not going to accept that there will NOT be a return on those investment dollars.

This means that as a matter of Policy the Canadian Government is going to ensure those investors GET That return and this means the extraction of this oil and gas for 40 more years. We do not have 40 years.

What should be happening is the Government saying “we are going to phase out hydrocarbons within 20 years. All of the firms investing In Canada expecting a return on their investment over 20+ plus years should expect a LOSS”

Under the various Corporate Friendly free trade deals if Canada DOES phase out hydrocarbons in 20 years, the taxpayer will have to pay those Corporations BILLIONS of dollars in compensation. The amount paid in compensation will be larger then the amount of dollars these firms generate in the way of jobs taxes and the like.


Trudeau is judt another ignorant rich kid. It is amazing that he gives more freedom to pedophiles than indigenous peopke. He made sodomy legal on anyone over the age 16 whether you are against or not. So sodomy of the indigenous people’s rights is his thing!