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'Shameful': Trump Admin Revokes ICC Prosecutor's Visa Over Probe of Potential US War Crimes in Afghanistan


'Shameful': Trump Admin Revokes ICC Prosecutor's Visa Over Probe of Potential US War Crimes in Afghanistan

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a move human rights defenders decried as "shameful," the Trump administration revoked the visa of the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor this week for trying to investigate alleged war crimes committed by American forces in Afghanistan.

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They appear to be testing the limits of what they can get away with before the American populace reacts.
Doubt anyone really expected so few of them to care about human rights or the rule of law.
What comes next will not be pretty.


The usa , these colors never run, is, and has been running scared for quite awhile now from the possibility of facing international justice.the list of crimes is way too long to place here, but, they, the crimes, are there!


“These colors never run”- The blue silk stockings have so many runs in them the white just comes screaming through.


It is time for the international community to begin openly confronting the U.S. Individual countries can declare Pompeo, Bolton and Trump himself to be personae non grata, revoke their visas and announce that they will enforce any arrest warrants issued by the ICC. They can begin insisting that the U.S. relinquish its controlling role over NATO and the IMF. They can begin negotiations to establish an alternative to the dollar backed global economy. The ability of the U.S. to exert economic sanctions against other countries ends when other countries stop using U.S. based financial institutions. As in any abusive relationship, the time has come for the abused parties to recognize their option to cut the cord and leave.


When the US participated with a ‘judge’ in the international court in Nuremberg, I imagine the corporate beneficiaries of the Nazi atrocities began to take very specific measure of risks to their war crime, I mean time, activities.

Would it be irregular for the tribunal to initiate its exploratory stages IN Afghanistan, gather and collate documentation from that end?


Testing the limits? They already know that we will do nothing. The International Criminal Court is for everyone else; not the US! One day though…

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Hopefully, the ICC will look into this matter. The purpose of this institution is to ensure that crimes against humanity and mass atrocities do not occur with impunity. The US is not above this…


This analogy is one that many people will be able to understand. Thanks.


I hope the ICC is checking out WIKI leaks because Chelsea Manning downloaded all kinds of evidence about the crimes in Afghanistan.


What law biding citizens don’t know is that prosecutors in your community are trained not to see, hear, notice the truth. Person’s in position of power, example John Bolton, have been schooled, raised, in that climate. They have been trained to disassociate. Shameful seems an appropriate word. Shame; a self inflicted wound to the soul that may cause denial of pain, or enhance one’s ability to lie to oneself. You can not have empathy if you have been emotionally-intellectually crippled. Shining the light on what is difficult to hear is how we heal.


Also as with an abusive relationship, the abuser will say something like, “You NEED me! You wouldn’t exist without me. How are you going to support yourself? I take care of you. I do everything for you.”


Americans are ignorant, that is, this story and others like it are hardly reported in the American mainstream media.


Well, That’s what a rouge Terrorist nation would do.


Isn’t impeding a criminal investigation obstruction of justice?
Can’t we count on the Democrats to impeach Pompeo and Trump and stand up for the ICC?*

*Haaaahahah! I pulla you leg! Haha! **

**H/t to Tony, played by Chico Marx. I forget which movie it was.

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As long as 95 to 97% of the voting electorate continues to vote for Duopoly presidential candidates, they will be promoting warmongering, war criminals to rule us and commit atrocities with their blessing.


Who’s afraid of the ICC:


The US is not a signatory party to the ICC … they much prefer their own puppet courts.

Read up on the frame up of the former President of Yugoslavia…by one of the puppet courts.


I would put it this way: THESE COLORS ALWAYS RUN FROM THE TRUTH! The proof is the shame and cowardice of not only revoking the ICC Prosecutor’s Visa over probe of US war crimes, but the fact that Chelsea Manning is being tortured in solitary confinement; Snowden has moved to Russia; Julian Assange is seeking asylum in the Ecuador Embassy in London; and too many more to list here.


As long as voters are purged from voter lists, as long as actual votes are thrown in the trash in the dark and hackable voting machines can change votes to favor whichever candidates the Oligarchy wish to be their puppet representatives, the American people will continue to have no say whatsoever in the despicable policies of this thoroughly corrupt nation.