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'Shameful': Trump Aiming to Gut Rules That Prevent Corporate Offshore Tax Avoidance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/09/shameful-trump-aiming-gut-rules-prevent-corporate-offshore-tax-avoidance

Think of the stashed loot as a savings account for Bernie to pay for the damage to America.


There are rules against offshoring? Since when? I thought offshoring was the reason corporations pay zero income tax. Color me dumb and confused. If it’s not offshoring, and huge corporations pay no taxes, maybe whatever loopholes they are using need to be closed?


No, offshoring has been going on for 40 years or so - under both D’s and R’s. What happeing here is, I guess you could call it, liberal blindness: they only see the dastardly deeds of the Republicans.


The conservative rape and plunder of America continues unabated.


Looks like corporations are not liking conservatives running the gov’t since they are taking “capital flight.”

I’m sure rump is wanting to spare himself from paying taxes on that golf course he is building in Scotland.
How is investing in development in another country “creating jobs in america”?

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Many of us knew trump was a scallywag since before the election.


An animal, sick and foaming at the mouth, is never more dangerous than when backed into a corner.

Might be best to load the elephant guns now.

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We have been wondering what discussion accompanied Trump’s recent trips to meet behind closed doors with undisclosed multimillion dollar donors. Now we know.

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Hmmm. There is a word commonly used to describe governments that have been fully captured by the executives of large corporations… Darn it, I just can’t think of it at the moment…

Well, I’m sure somebody will jolt my memory. Maybe a smarmy unmentionable troll will turn up out of nowhere and inadvertently virtue signal the word I’m looking for. Maybe one who is really good at feeding his family, insulting strangers, and waging verbal combat on the internet.

In any case, let’s be candid. This latest assault by the trumpizoid is just a bit of fascist trim around the edge of the fascist cake. The cake was baked a long time ago. The icing was applied by Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush. Obama put it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. And now the trumpizoid entity is applying a few more flourishes.

Now, if I could just remember that word…

Clearly the Executive Branch of the US is out of control and a danger to the nation.

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I thought the same thing. What rules? If they were put in by Obama they were very weak tea.

Yes, another gaslighting. Every thing bad did not start with Trump. Off shoring started with F@cking Bill Clinton.

They’re just making the rubble bounce at this point


Let’s put an end to this fascist, corporate coup, shall we? Total, rolling non cooperation to shut it down!

All I have is a PIG gun. Will that be acceptable?

That should be just fine…most appropriate.

This is just in time for City of London financial institutions that are about to lose oodles of Euro business due to Brexit. For those of you who do not know, the gold standard for off-shoring are the myriad of British overseas territories, dependencies, etc (Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, etc.), all with offices in the City. Not coincidentally, one of the main drivers of Brexit were private equity scumbags like Jacob Rees-Mogg who loathe EU financial disclosure laws about to come online this upcoming November. Who wants to bet one or more of Orange Anus’ financial elves whispered in his ear about the need to prop his fellows in the UK lest their own political miscalculation, Brexit, hurt them too much?

Fascism - defined as business controlling government - may be the word you’re thinking of. Fascism is related to the term “class warfare” wherein the wealthy control government in order to control the lesser classes of people - consumers, wage-slaves, canon fodder, people of color, bohemians, intellectuals, political dissidents, the disabled and the poor. The upper class believe birth control is wrong. They prefer profitable extermination of the excess population.

That’s it! Fascism!

Thank you for your concise, brilliant analysis. And now a word from our sponsors.

What do you get for pretending the danger’s not real?
Meek and obedient, you follow the leader
Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel…

No, this is not a bad dream.

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