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'Shameful': Trump Aiming to Gut Rules That Prevent Corporate Offshore Tax Avoidance

Congress could stop this bull$hit; but, they won’t.

it will be interesting to see what Congress-critters do when this country implodes.

It may take a lot of convincing the public, which of late has gone up to half the country.
The “deplorables” are still brainwashed about trump.
My elderly mother’s close friend asked her long time Catholic church minister, or whatever they are, to pray for trump.
He refused and she quit the church. She had been a dedicated member for many years. These people are stupid loyal to republican everything. She must be in shock that Pat Robertson of the 700 club had bad words for trump. What a crazy world he has brought down on us.

El president pigface’s worst lie:
“I don’t war with anyone.”

He repeats the phrase “I don’t want war” with such uncluttered assurity, it’s more believable than most foul utterances that pass his pig lips and stained red tusks. Like the skeksi Chamberlin pleading to gelfling Jin, “We want peace, peeace” at the ruined gate of gelfling civilization. “No Jin. Don’t believe him,” gelfling mate Kyra warned to brake the hypnotic lure of Chamberlin’s voice. (“The Dark Crystal”)

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Ah yes, pig stain on his fat chin. He’s nearly a laugh but he’s really a cry.