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'Shameful': With Millions on Brink of Famine in Yemen, Trump Vetoes Resolution to End US Complicity


Wrong! Jimmy Dore goes after Dumbf a LOT; however, he says (paraphrasing) that everyone else is covering Dumbf all the time so he has to expose Dumbf’s enablers.

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If Congress fails to override this veto, it will put the stamp of approval on the Imperial Presidency shredding the Constitution in the process. Talk about a crisis.



What Parties approved the Budget with $$$'s for the MIC ?

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Obomber did not drone Notre Dame. Free Assange and Manning.



Drop the Russiagate and move onto the US president is funding S.A., a terrorist state (that attached the US on 911) and is funding ISIS and AQ. Oh sorry the corp Democrats won’t do that as they also support ISIS and AQ.



The answer to your question is Congress, a long time ago when they abdicated their Constitutional authority to declare American wars and called the Korean war " a police action." Ever since any president can declare U.S. wars without Congressional approval or vote. And that my friend, is called a military dictatorship



May I rephrase your comment?
"We the People" are at risk due to Trump’s mental problems that are not being addressed.



Mike Pompeo is an evangelical Christian who is looking to hasten the Rapture by instigating Armageddon in the Middle East. His Jesus drives a Hummer with a gun rack for his AR-15.



Well the Roman Empire imploded, the British Empire collapsed, and now the American Empire is in it’s death throes. The elites are now grabbing as much wealth as they can as the end approaches. Perhaps they think they can colonize Mars to escape the extinction here as they ignore climate change. Sad, poor ignorant bastards. There’s no money to be made saving human in the crossfire of war, the profit is in selling arms and participating in the carnage. The dictator and cohorts want us to think acquisition of money (for the elites) Makes America Great. We need to mass in the streets to demand radical change to this Capitalist economy. Praying won’t do it, comments like this won’t do it, letters won’t do it, votes won’t do it, and leaders like BS & AOC can’t do it by themselves. It will take us in the streets by the thousands.



He needs some wars for reelection. Expect to see us in South America soon also.

It’s nothing personal - it’s just business (or politics)

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You apparently have not seen his most recent YouTube vid actualling entitled “Democrat Fascists”. He protects Trump often and claims to be fighting the good fight, but Sanders caucuses with the Democrats and Dore needs to focus some of his bullshit on Trump once in awhile. Anyone who calls my party, which gave the American People Social Security “fascists” can go to hell.



What could be more telling of the crimes of this nation that it refuses to
be judged by the International Criminal Court –

Most of those being harmed in Yemen are families - children/parents –
but since when has the US been any different in creating “famine” for their
enemies and carrying out war crimes?

Are we sure we know our own nation? It’s true history?



Hillary wanted to drone Assange. Did she want this of Neera T.? Wage Peace. Take the gloves off. Help the Children and Planet.



Mueller said there was WMD in Iraq. Assange reports Truth. Ban him, ban me? Truth out, I am in Time Out. Enjoy.

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“YOUR PARTY” no longer exists!!! Now the damnocrats are just another wing of the Rethuglican neo-con SCUM! WAKE UP!!! And, by the way, hell awaits you for working against “We the People” by blindly following a party line!

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That democratic party was NOT the fascist Democratic party of today.



We really need to toss President Caligula and his minions to the Hague or at least in Prison here. Just to set the precedent.

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Yup, Trump has found a leg bone and has turned it into a club. Is there any decision he has made that doesn’t appear to have come from “Bizarro World?”

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Running wars with all it’s entanglements is the most profitable way to enrich, and the easiest way to perpetuate.
Just like the fossil fuel industry being the most profitable in it’s own right.
When money is involved there are too many that are willing to stomp on morality, throw the bible under the bus, and watch their country shrivel and die.
If I wasn’t such a peace loving person I would be advocating the bullet as the default system of renewal.

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Tens of thousands! Or more!

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