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'Shameless Self-Dealing': Report Shows President's Businesses Earned Millions From Spending by Trump Campaign


'Shameless Self-Dealing': Report Shows President's Businesses Earned Millions From Spending by Trump Campaign

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new report out Monday details how President Donald Trump has financially benefited from his presidency, with federal agencies and political groups—including his own campaign—giving millions to the business empire from which he refuses to divest.


When I owned a business during the 80s my accountant and attorney always advised me to not do anything that even appeared to be “self dealing” or the IRS would make the business pay.

During the subsequent three plus decades the gubmit has allowed more and more self dealing. December’s inequality exacerbation act disguised as “tax reform” pulled out what few stops remained and the gubmit now has no limits on “pass throughs” and other forms of self dealing.


Yes. It’s almost as if the legislative process had become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the 1%. (sarcasm alert)


the don does it, which signals to those dealing say… Jared or Ivanka or the d. jr. and/or anyone 6 degrees removed from the cabal to go for the mostest of the host/ess. Seems to me that constitutes something a little more toward a mafia model.
The sheer blatant trading on corporatizing of the Oval Office reads like a teetering on the edge of the abyss. Perhaps if we all blow in unison… Then could we please scrape away Citizens United and scrub clean the purpose, standing, function and explicit profile of what ‘being President’ actually means?
To start, lets end any connection of “globalization” to governance of domestic concerns. End the tax subsidies for agricultural exports that feed things like algorithmic “futures” trading and other such opiates fed intravenously on Wall st. sucking the pensions of the generations that actually worked. The list is long, but not beyond a peoples’ shaking up of the system(s).

I’d love to see a chart of the all of the applications of “extraction” as introduced into legislative language; procedures, etc…the configuration of ‘debt’ as its opposite is the set of horns on this devil.


’ almost’ … what other words can be made from those letters? Golly, it almost gets close to lambaste.That reminds me of tar and feathers… ooooh… theres potential there…


Nice post, goat!


While I don’t mind drumpf taking his donors for a ride because they voluntarily gave their money to him, I do mind him taking taxpayer dollars. He needs to reimburse the Treasury for the money that his hotels have gotten for his Secret Service people and for him and his family during any of his weekend vacations and any other tax payer dollars that have gone for his use of his own facilities.