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'Shameless Stunt': Trump Reportedly Attempting to Raid Medicare Trust Fund to Pay for Drug Discount Cards With His Name on Them

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/09/shameless-stunt-trump-reportedly-attempting-raid-medicare-trust-fund-pay-drug


False Flag. Who agrees that Trump is a False Flag,?


Trump has just had an experience with the broader aspects of the health care crisis- which is to say he has been reminded of the investment in societal integrity of our access to health, ie: that he can raid to his own benefit. Who has shaped this presentation and aided and abetted is the important question.

Who blew through the dim bulb and when did they aid and abet?
Seema Verma? I’m reminded that verme in Portuguese means worm.
Wiki page on Sema Verma

scroll down to controversy re: use of public funds. Shameless stunt? maybe simply ethically and morally stunted. Unfit in other words.


I wish I was eligible for Medicare so I could get one of these cards. Wonder if you can buy medicinal cannabis with them? That is about the only way I can see $200 making a tinker’s damn in the lives of us old folk. I was hoping for another $1200 check as this suck as far as bribes go.


Trump’s COVID -19 course of pharma treatment likely cost north of *$100,000
at no cost to Trump. I want some of his ‘insurance’ for all …

*$100,000 each treatment for cocktail of drugs including monoclonal stem cells
from aborted fetuses. Recall that Trump cut off federal money for research of stem cells. It is also noted that Trump received the stem cell treatment under “compassionate” exemption as they are not approved for peasants. Only 275
people are known to have received the exclusive treatment.


Heh… I got an unsolicited GoodRx card in the mail this week. I assumed it was from Trump.

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Fooled US once, shame on you; fooled US twice, FUCK YOU!


Ya beat me to it. Who all figures he’ll do a yooj infomercial with Trump’s SPECIAL OFFER, we can’t refuse: Absolutely FREE Fentanyl or other fine Sackler Labs opioids with any purchase of COVID Cure© miracle coctail and RoidRage® virility enhancer for gramps? OK, everybody PLAGUE OVER, back to work! Act NOW and He’ll throw in a pillow full of Afghan Poppies! Now, what city is so STUPID & desperate…


~https://dealbreaker.com/2020/10/tdu-invitation-rockpoint-jv (Creative Class™ Diaspora in Boogaloo Boi Schitt’s Creek)




An approach to politics that reminds one of the Roman Empire, so to say.


Agreed. This is about getting elected by any means necessary, but the more serious goal is to bankrupt Medicare which DT wants to destroy, and put an end to. MSM seems to have missed that goal–This is more than just getting votes and re-elected. DT has made it very clear since taking office, and in the last few months, his intent to put an end to Medicare. This is another attack on that system.


I am on Medicare and they already pay for 100% of the medicines that I need.
So this card would be useless.
Although I am sure that there are some people who could use them, I am also sure that I could not give my card to someone who could benefit from it.

It is just a shameless ploy to use government funds to send out election materials.
Just like the letters he put in the food assistance packages.
Just like the letters he mailed out after the stimulus checks.
Does he really think the voters are that stupid?
(I guess some are.)


Now if he got rid of the Medicare Part D coverage gap, I would clap.
But $200. Shame.


Now we know what MAGA really stands for:

Make A$$hole Go Away


C’mon… who in their right mind ain’t itching for the opportunity to bust out their very own “Trump Card”.


Just a hint of it here. This morning Democracy Now! reports that Orangeman has ordered his top cop to arrest everybody else: Obama, Clinton (whichever), Biden, whoever…

It really is the dexamethasone speaking now, an issue Pelosi has raised: The emperor is off his rocker.


They all are at this point. Yes, I do understand that Trump was encouraged to run against HRC by Bill Clinton, if thats what you mean.

So yes, its all totally fake.

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We laughed out loud. Who would be dumb enough to make this happen? We suspect, even the republican party becoming sick of Trump’s antics, that his reign of insanity is soon coming to an end.

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Trump’s a Trojan Horse. Hidden within are massive price hikes on the drugs most commonly prescribed to seniors.


WTF? $19 million to send out a letter to seniors on Medicare?

Wow. The price of red ink just keeps going up.


I’ll be marking mine “Return To Sender”.