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Shape-Shifting Robot Sent Inside Crippled Fukushima Reactor


Shape-Shifting Robot Sent Inside Crippled Fukushima Reactor

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

For the first time, a robot entered the highly radioactive primary containment vessel (PCV) of Reactor 1 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on Friday, in order to investigate the state of its dangerous and damaged interior, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has said.

The plant was heavily damaged by the 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated northern Japan. Determining the state of the uranium fuel that powered the station is key to dismantling of the plant, a process expected to take decades.


Everything you are expressing is hysterical superstition. If nuclear electric generation is so planet-ending dangerous - where are all the corpses and widespread disease and and extinct species from it? Lots of industrial activity, like the mining and burning of coal and the drilling and burning of oil and gas, IS doing that, but nuclear power isn’t.


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That’s untrue. The appearance of more instances is an artifact of longer lifespans and different diagnostic standards. Modern medicine is only about 50 years old–the method by which aspirin works was only recently determined! Before that, it was known to work but nobody understood why.

Cancer is one of the diseases of age – if we live long enough, we get cancer because the inbuilt protective mechanisms wear out or are slowly undermined by the enormous number of toxins, including natural and artificial radiation sources, in our everyday environments. 75 years ago, a 70yo who died of cancer had the cause listed, more often than not, as “natural causes”.



Nuclear fallout is used as a weapon. It is good at killing people and rendering their land unusable for hundreds of years. Any system with so grave a consequence should not be used. Ever.

Yunzer said

Let’s examine your assertion that nuclear power is harmless:

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Cancer is now predicted by the CDC to become the number one killer of humans in the next few years. But even heart failure, which is now the big killer, is caused by radioactive fallout. Your claim that one type of cancer risk is causing all the mortality, like coal dust or pollution, but not the other prevalent one, nuke fallout, is absurd. It’s a superstitious belief on your part, just like your claim to us earlier that there are no coal beds in Montana, nor any cars or gasoline in the Philippines.

You’re superstitious about this subject Yunzer. And just like the nuke industry, you never admit when you’re wrong. This is why I oppose anything so hazardous in the hands of greedy nuke peddlers or the government people they corrupt. Loss of Immune system function or cancer are Accumulative risks. Nuke plants on top of background radiation push organisms over the edge.


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Your response isn’t responsive. Neither of those sources makes a case for your claim that cancer was rare before the atomic age.

Moreover, the paper from the ECRR is based on the “no safe dose” hypothesis, which has been undermined by the research of, among others, Calabrese at UMass/Amherst: [quote]In his Nobel Prize Lecture of December 12,1946, Hermann J. Muller argued that the dose–response for radiation-induced germ cell mutations was linear and that there was ‘‘no escape from the conclusion that there is no threshold’’. However, assessment of correspondence between Muller and Curt Stern 1 month prior to his Nobel Prize Lecture reveals that Muller knew the results and implications of a recently completed study at the University of Rochester under the direction of Stern, which directly contradicted his Nobel Prize Lecture. This finding is of historical importance since Muller’s Nobel Lecture gained considerable international attention and is a turning point in the acceptance of the linearity model in risk assessment for germ cell mutations and carcinogens[/quote] (Arch Toxicol, v 81, iss 4, 2007)



Perhaps a better way to argue this is to point out that even if all the increased cancer cases are real, to attribute it to nuclear power is complete unscientific nonsense. There are thousands of carcinogenic made made chemical compounds, plus natural cancer causing agents, including naturally occurring radioactive isotopes in the environment, which would all be way ahead of man-made radiation as a possible cause. The absolutely miniscule amounts of radiation exposure from the entire nuclear industry is far less than simply moving to a home a thousand meters higher in elevation, or locating to a granite bedrock area, or weatherproofing your home and thereby causing higher natural radon concentrations in the home’s air. Then there are the extremely potent natural liver-carcinogens (aflatoxins) generated by molds in peanuts and corn that get promoted by poor storage and processing of these foods.

The US left needs to turn off the 50’s pulp sci-fi movies playing in their heads and get to scientific reality. The greatest threat is global warming and ocean acidification and nuclear power is one very important way to address this threat.


You didn’t provide a source, but the articles you cite are either nonsense of refer to events for which there is absolutely no reason to blame the miniscule amounts of radiation from Fukushima on them - there are hundreds of causes in line ahead of it - notably ocean warming and acidification.

TMI 2 also had melted core material to deal with, and it was decomissioned and completely cleaned up 20 years after the accident.


The Robot lasted all of three hours before the high levels of radiation rendered it inoperative.

Now I am sure the mouthpieces for the Nuclear industry will claim Radiation had nothing to do with it and that it failed because there better “diagnostic techniques” for detecting failures or because some other man made chemical caused the failure.


What absolute nonsense. There has been lots of studies on Chernobyl including its effects on plant and animal life and peoples living hundreds of miles from the scene of the disaster, All of them point to the dangers of elevated levels of radiation.

Scientists in countries all over the world concluded there wide ranging negative effects. There are STILL bans in place on eating certain foods exposed to the radiation. In the UK it was not until 2012 that a ban lifted on eating Mutton raised on upland grazing areas due to those areas being contaminated. An entire Pine forest near the area of fallout simply died over the years due to elevated levels of radiation.

Scientists in Germany Sweden and elsewhere noticed spikes in the number of Children born with things like Downs syndrome and thyroid problems.


This isn’t the first time a robot has been used inside the reactors. NTT aired a documentary last year showing a robot checking out cracks. April? Not sure why the Japanese media sources are reporting this as a “first.”

Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors


Eric_Dubin wrote:

‘This isn’t the first time a robot has been used inside the reactors. NTT aired a documentary last year showing a robot checking out cracks. April? Not sure why the Japanese media sources are reporting this as a “first.”’

Apparently, this marks the first time that a robot has entered the Primary Containment Vessel (PCV) of Unit 1. The last I heard, the gadget was stuck part way along its course, but was stll telemetering temperature and absorbed dose data.


We know of dangers associated with high levels of radiation, but there have been studies of areas with strongly elevated background radiation which found little to no evidence of adverse health outcomes.

“An entire Pine forest near the area of fallout simply died over the years due to elevated levels of radiation.”

This entire forest covered about 4 square miles, which is pretty insignificant compared to the thousands of square miles of trees which are routinely being killed by green energy policies. The red forest was bulldozed and continues to have greatly elevated levels of radiation in the soil, but it has also become a remarkably fertile and diverse wilderness area hosting many endangered species. There have been a few potentially adverse effects observed in some animals (eg. shorter tail feathers in one kind of bird, white flecks in the red throat feathers of another), but the fact this is now a thriving ecosystem indicates the radiation impact has been trivial compared to the beneficial effect it has had of removing humans from the area.

There are also large toxic dead zones associated with the mining and industrial areas which have made cheap solar and wind power possible. There are no totally clean and safe options at this time (and sensible hazard management puts risk into the context of the alternatives) but it does appear there is much potential for improvement–with more benign forms of rare earth mining and refining, with better manufacturing and waste management practices, and with better forms of nuclear power.



What a nonsensical response!!

The claim was made exposure to radiation was not killing plants animals or people. You come back with “but mining is worse”?

Of course mining and forestry is worse there is more of it going on! This is like the argument that more people are killed by cars each year than by guns therefore guns are not dangerous.


The NCBI is a Government funded organization much like the FDA is.They are hardly a neutral player here as the US Government persists in wishing to expand the role of Nuclear power.

Would you like a list of all the chemicals GMOs and drugs the FDA has approved as safe?


Guns are not an alternative to cars. Nobody travels by gun. A more apt comparison would be arguing against air travel by pointing out its relatively high per-vehicle-trip crash rate and the tens of thousands killed over the years–when curtailing air travel would increase the use of alternatives which have a per-passenger-mile death toll which is as bad or in some cases worse.

You point to a small patch of trees killed by a reactor breach, but if that’s supposed to be an argument against nuclear power generally (and nobody is advocating nuclear power based on RBMK weapons production reactors, btw) then the alternatives much promoted by greens would include mowing down vastly larger areas of trees to burn as fuel, and the toxic mining and industrial zones which provide us with cheap wind and solar.

This is the “horror” of the Chernobyl exclusion zone today:

And this is what “green” energy policies are promoting as healthier alternatives.



And that’s without even getting into the various ways the renewables-only approach is failing to curtail the burning of fossil fuels.

I’ll completely agree that nuclear power as it is currently done has significant problems, but so do all the alternatives. But problems with our existing options is reason for improving them, not discarding them.


So you are going to reject studies if their findings are reported by a government funded agency? Do you likewise reject the studies of NREL and James Hansen, or do you only play this card when you don’t like the results? And isn’t this the same strategy we see used by creationists, ufologists, chemtrail believers, WTC-demolition believers, moon landing hoax believers, anti-vaxers, and AGW deniers? If you can do it, why can’t they?


You were right on the money, my friend.


Thomas Jefferson! You da man! ?Yunser? is all hot air! People like ?? can’t be taken seriously, because if they dug a little deeper into the facts, they would find a hideous truth: death for millions that could have been prevented! This FACT goes against their corporate “bottom line” mentality: that their “1000 acre country estates with all those beautiful gardens”, are theirs, by god! “Keep your commie-pinko hands off!” is their cry!

Even if the horror of a genocidal cancer epidemic, caused by their investments, was the price; they still wouldn’t and don’t give a shit. These so-called humans are dyed-in-the-wool nuclear industry apologists, who take paychecks and turn a blind eye, no matter what the cost! Bought-off by their psychopathic owners, they will be held to blame - count on it. And heaven cannot help them when hoards of angry mobs come after them for their revenge.

Human life as we know it and knew it - is toast; and because of the nuclear mistake that no one will apologize for and ask forgiveness, we who care are held hostage to the ultimate of procrastinations - AN EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT that can be prevented RIGHT NOW!.