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Sharing the Landscape: Gator and Gunner Come To An Agreement, More or Less

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/11/23/sharing-landscape-gator-and-gunner-come-agreement-more-or-less


Aw. So happy all turned out well. If only we all could get along this well. A little fight. A little jaw prying. A few scratches, maybe a bite or two…and then all go home and heal.


My hound, like my Boston of twenty years ago is always on a leash when outside of a formidable fence or my home. Always. I, on the other hand, used to work among the gators and snakes all of the time, often having to shoo them away from equipment that I needed to use. Good times!

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Sweet. Nice when man can also be dog’s best friend.


Man saves dog from Republicans.

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I would advise Mr. Wilbanks to get a tetanus shot as well as a run of antibiotics. Swamp critters can have nasty germs in their mouths. Otherwise, well done, sir!

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Thank God, Mama Gator wasn’t lurking in the water.


As a Floridian who lives next to a lake with dogs (big & small) I admire Richard’s response to rescue his best friend, and his attitude towards the overall situation. Nature is nature and you can’t take it what it does personally. We impose our views upon it incessantly, but it takes genuine understanding to see the natural world for what it is, especially in the face of a frightening situation. Goes to show that the “Florida Man” is not the inebriated aberration that the news takes him for. Well, maybe sometimes :\


Dang me, a model for my days! Sir, I take my hat off to you. Got to admit I’ve never pried the jaws of a gator from the hide of a pup! Pulled a horse out of a belly deep swamp in my youth, but, admittedly got him there in the first place!


next we need to save millions of children from being kicked by a donkey’s ass.

Well done Mr. Wilbanks! Bravo to you, sir! Bravo!

It would have been more interesting if the gator was one of the more common 8-10 footers.

That’s repellant!