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Sharpening Contrast with Clinton, Sanders Touts Bold Positions in Tough Times



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Seems to cover the topic.



A comment by someone who hasn't read Bernie's policies and positions on the comment's subject. Uh ... kudos for willful ignorance!


"...why it matters that, as Maddow put it, he was "right first" on issues like gay rights, trade policy, and the Keystone XL pipeline."

In other words, biography doesn't matter. What Bernie supported in the past, etch- a- sketch away, being "first" in this new reality of established punditry, isn't applicable in judging the positions of political candidates. Just as Bernie was robbed of his civil rights record, now, his long standing populist and progressive past is deemed irrelevant vis a vis Hillary's flip flops. What difference, asks the brilliant Oxfordian, Rachel, is there, since both now oppose XL? So what if a few months ago she wouldn't take a stand on it. Or TPP...


I think this a good strategy. Hillary can counter on the gun control issue but it is hard to see any other issue that she can score points on with regard to who has stood their ground. Bernie blew it during the debate on his e-mail statement when he let Hillary completely off the hook but that is over and he has another chance at the next debate to take the offensive.


Yes, of course, we need to hear Bernie Sanders' positions & values on foreign policy. Are you also asking HILLARY CLINTON what HER foreign policy is? Oh, wait SHE'S A WARMONGER...NOT ONLY voted FOR 2003 attack on Iraq but PUSHED FOR U.S> attack on LIBYA: result now LIBYA is LIKE IRAQ: civil war, MORE terrorist groups, & LOTS OF CIVILIAN MISERY.


HisStory The DIFFERENCE it makes is in assessing candidates INTEGRITY & TRUSTWORTHINESS. The difference is between WHO CAN BE COUNTED ON in terms of their positions on issues & WHO BLOWS WITH THE POLITICAL WIND. Bernie has TAKEN THE HIGH (& often HARD) ROAD. Hillary puts ehr fniger in the wind & takes a position--often REVERSING AFTER YEARS of the OPPOSITE POSITION, for political calculation. I TRUST Bernie Sanders to REPRESENT We The People. I DON'T trust Hilary Clinton to represent us as she is has long been BACKED BY WALL STREET, BIG BANKS,CORPORATIONS like MONSANTO, BIG PHARMA-----and that is who she represents. NOT We The People.


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They had that talk last debate. I watched and it was pretty clear; so, which part did you miss? Focusing all your efforts on the MENA is distracting. Which is why your ilk keeps bringing it up. Bernie, if elected, would be under the same fire as Hillary is on Benghazi, just a different meme and a different day. Bernie, as has every President and member of Congress, taken an oath to defend the country. By injecting this constant " but, but, but... " you play into Hillary's obvious obfuscations about other important and vital worldwide issues. She's a Neo-Con in a squirt. Sen. Sanders is not even close and the voting records show this plainly. And, if you are truly a pacifist on foreign engagement, then say so. Hillary supported and was known as a Goldwater Girl. Sen. Sanders identified as a conscientious objector. If you're blind to the differences in those two positions well, maybe in regards to this this topic of the election, your apple didn't fall too far from the tree but the ladder fell squarely on your head.


Nice spphhhiinnn there, spinmeister. But, nobody blew anything that night except possibly the emcee, former CIA intern and trustafarian, Anderson Cooper. He ran the debate with all the honesty of a Congressional Committee Hearing run, by say, Congressman Gowdy. Example: 1) never asking Swillary directly if BLM, matters. 2) the question about Socialism v. Capitalism. The CNN debate was only won, if you like your debates measured that way, by The Establishment, The 1%ers and the Status Quo. All which are represented by Hillary and her 3rd Way DLC Multi-national Corps. like Intel, Google, Microsoft, etc.


Pitch perfect and why nobody with a brain gives 2 sxits about MSNBC, anymore.


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Are you saying that they will accuse Bernie of being a communist when he is certainly not, and, continue voting for homicidal, aggressive oligarchs?


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" Show me the dark money! " Where is it, please? You're a bullsxitter, alleygatorhardt on. You and your ilk spreading Hillaryspin. Speaking of dark money; have you cashed your last check, yet?


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You're the dense one here. By your badgering of the Sanders campaign, when everyone knows it's the only game in town in 2016, you show your true colors. A question I will ask you, yet again, where is Bernie's dark money? Be specific, please. You're accusing him of forging his quarterly reports and taking money from people who hide in the shadows. It's illegal, too. And, that is a heavy claim, comrade!


I am disappointed in all of my friends who support Bernie but in the same breath say, "But we need to support Clinton if she wins the nomination." As if there is a major difference between her and a Republican.


"'When the going gets tough, when leadership was needed, I was there,' Bernie Sanders tells Rachel Maddow".

Ah, pattymarty, to be as young as you!

This evokes for me a moment that I've never forgotten - Eugene McCarthy, coming out of a Sentate Foreign Relations Committee meeting, having been totally stonewalled (as were other decent senators of both parties) by the administration, walking up to the cameras and microphones, and saying, "This is no longer an educational effort. This is now a campaign for the power of the Presidency of the United States".

And the posters.

                                 A breath of fresh air. 

                                [Photo of McCarthy]

                                  Eugene McCarthy

and this:
One man stood up.

                                [Photo of McCarthy]

                                Eugene McCarthy

That's all there was - two posters; thirteen words (four of which were the candidate's name); two head shots. It remains in my mind as vividly as when I first saw them.

We lost.

Robert Kennedy came in, overtook McCarthy, beat Humphrey in California (I still see and hear him as he was about to duck into the plane to fly east from California; "We're going to go on to Chicago, we're going to win the nomination, . . . And we're going to end this war!". [pronounced "waah!"].

Kennedy had come to the University of Chicago after New Hampshire, before he declared, gave a talk on campus at night, and met with any U of C students who wanted to meet with him afterwards. We stood one deep, ringing the wall around the entire very large room. Kennedy was in the middle, walking around just the room just inside the perimeter,deflecting questions on the U.S. in the war.

When he got to me I stuck up my hand, he pointed at me and said, "Yeahus?".

"Do you think that the war in Viet Nam is a battle of the democratic South against the Communist North?"


"Thank you, Senator".

"Would you like to hear what I do think?"


"I think that a thuud of the people support the Saigon regime, a thuud of the people support the NLF, and a thuud of the people want to be left to live in peace."

"Thank you, Senator".

I would have voted for Robert Kennedy in November - as it was, I wrote in Eugene McCarthy (Humphrey having referred to the Viet Nam war as "our great adventure").

I will vote for Sanders in November 2016.