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'She Is Failing Us': Demanding Trump Impeachment, Progressives Disrupt Pelosi 'Resistance' Award Ceremony

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/22/she-failing-us-demanding-trump-impeachment-progressives-disrupt-pelosi-resistance

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Russiagate was just Nancy’s precious stalling tactic all along, wasn’t it? Why can’t Baghdad by the Bay ever rid itself of Pelosi, the shameless plutocrat? My guess: because there are plenty of assholes (at least, a consistent electoral plurality) in lovely liberal San Francisco.


My dad used to call them limousine liberals. Too bad that term seems to have gone out of fashion…


Pelosi may be the "most powerful Democrat, but she is also the weakest.


Pelosi’s only obvious ‘resistance’ is her resistance to a few real progressives trying to pull her Zionist lips off the Wall Street /MICC slop trough.


The Pelosi-Schumer Corporate/Wall Street DemocRATS keep approving bloated militarism/endless war budgets while the planet burns, tens of millions have no or inadequate health care, millions are homeless, and the infrastructure keeps crumbling.

With DemocRATS such as these, we don’t need RethugliKKKans.


#McResistance is Futile!

If you believe that Corporatist Democrats, like Pelosi, are part of the problem, not part of the solution, please support Civil Liberties activist Shahid Buttar, who is challenging Pelosi in the Democratic primary!



‘lifetime achievement award’ ??!

She took impeachment of W, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, ‘off the table’ in 2007. That’s like driving the getaway car.

She deserves an award for Best Accessory to a Crime Against Humanity.

Who is giving this award anyway - someone on her staff?


By her silence and inaction she is complicit in any crimes against humanity committed by the current administration and there are many. This includes but not limited to the destruction of our Republic, it’s democratic institutions and norms of Law.


Something like 440 days until the election. There really needs to be a revolution within the party now. A vociferous, non-cooperative one. A walk out. A set of demands. An Ultimatum!

If you haven’t signed please read and share w friends http://chng.it/qGfJRXVpRs


A resistance award for the biggest enabler of modern times? WTF?


People fail to understand that Pelosi, married to a billionaire real estate developer, IS Trump. She is not going to impeach herself. She’s his biggest supporter. The people in her district need to get rid of the pompous bitch.


She is a neoliberal Democrat plan simple and to the core. She is not a people ‘s Democratic.


"There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

― Warren Buffett (Perhaps one of the most honest billionaires out there)


It is way past time to rid the democratic party of the neoliberals who brought us to this time in history all in the name of the almighty buck.

If not, I am calling my dems to leave the party of do nothings. I am tired of trying to change the party from the inside, these neoliberals have too much power and money. Go figure how their policies enriched themselves.


Worth 72 million bucks! Sure Nancy cares about the proletariat! What did Nancy resist! 250 bucks a plate. Bourgeoisie gone wild! The new Dixiecrats!


Good One!

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San Francisco is no longer “liberal San Francisco.” The City has shifted to the right in recent years. “Liberal and Anything Goes San Francisco” is gone. I know, I live here. This City today is nothing like it was when it was “liberal San Francisco.” The City today is owned by the tech industrial complex and real estate industrial complex. It’s now called Billionaire Bay. We are the most expensive City in the country. And I suspect Pelosi will receive another 2 year term next November based solely on her name recognition from partisan-brainwashed (conservative) Democrats. Good to see this protest considering this New City has zero activism in it. That should tell you how much this City has changed. I first noticed the hate for protesters from fellow queers in The Castro years ago. They started sounding like the right-wing as the “queer community” here became conservative. In fact, to most, the word “protest” is considered a bad word here now. That’s been the case for sometime. And The Castro is no longer a Gay Mecca. That’s long gone. Come to the Castro? You’ll see mostly straights with their baby strollers.


It’s most likely for her legitimate lifetime achievement in securing corporate donations for the party. Even the San Francisco Democrats who presented the award knew better than to phrase the proclimation that way.


I agree with you that ‘identity politics’ is all the Democrat elite have and they are losing by using that tactic. There will be pushback against your comments about migrants because people still feel a need to be politically correct.

True leftists understand human nature and understand logic and facts. I can’t speak to the facts about what number of immigrating humans our country can safely absorb. If we can safely absorb more humans then I’m absolutely okay with people immigrating. However, I also understand human nature and the fact remains that approximately 80%+ of human beings act out of selfishness and personal desire, including migrants. There IS economic migration. I agree that we need to first Rob Peter, then we can pay Paul. We need to first create economic stability, spread the wealth around and then we can open our borders to more whose needs are not being met.

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