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'Sheer Reckless Folly': Trump Destroys Obama-Era Climate Rules

'Sheer Reckless Folly': Trump Destroys Obama-Era Climate Rules

Nika Knight, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Tuesday set about aggressively dismantling Obama-era climate policies with an executive order decried as "sheer reckless folly," which will increase U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the climate crisis.

Meanwhile in the Arctic Ocean, methane bubbles to the surface in plumes up to 150 km across. Not to worry.


When will this reprobate, demonic, shell of a human with gaping holes where his brain and heart should be be STOPPED? After we and all life are all choking, writhing in pain and in death’s throes? President - NEVER, petty despot/demagogue - yes and to the detriment of all life on our planet. I loathe this creature from the underworld and all his flying monkeys.


Sometimes people have to hit bottom before they can begin the climb out of the hole they have dug for themselves. I guess the people who support this kind of troglodyte behavior are still digging. This is unfortunate but, I guess, just a part of the non-thinking human condition. When you let the mouth breathers elect your president because you were either over confident or lazy this is what you get. The thing is this global warming is not necessarily something we can come back from. As the methane plumes grow so our chances of stabilizing this cancer diminish.


Trump’s boorish arrogance is why the Repubs went with him. They figured that he was so arrogant and remote from others that he would do even the worst without concern for what others wanted. Trump went to the Oval Office and proceeded to sit in a throne, at least in his own mind. Psychologically, it was obvious that a billionaire (star of a TV show about firing underlings as entertainment) would not care about public opinion and that was exactly what the Repubs wanted. Trump is giving them all they wanted without them having to take the heat for his doing it.

The Repubs figure that after Trump makes all these negative changes that it will be a long process to restore them to where they were.


Contact the governor of your states and the reps. This person clearly has dementia.


The governor of my state (and the Attorney General) are standing firm against all the destructive dictates (EO’s) of this diabolical demagogue and with success, I might add. The mayor of our state’s largest city has avowed that it will remain as a sanctuary city and citizens will come to the fore to make up for the loss of funding. It is going to rest on all states, cities, and communities to come together in solidarity to combat all the wrongs spewing forth from this Satanic tyrant and his billionaire bastards.


If you can’t get to D.C. then join a sister march: https://peoplesclimate.org/sister-marches/


Our own activism and resistance aside, money talks. It is time for us to call for an international boycott of the United States with an emphasis on getting China to halt shipments of goods to us until this is insanity is reversed.

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To grasp the Obama commitment to the environment one need only look at the BP oil spill and the punishment imposed on the American taxpayers and Gulf residents as punishment for BP’s and the EPA’s negligence. “Yo criminals, perhaps my Coast Guard might be helpful in containing the truth of your environmental crimes,” was the Democrat’s approach. That and letting them at the oceans again before safety concerns were addressed.

Yeah, the two corporate halves serve the owner’s interests with a different spin, but the continuous service to money is rock solid.


This isn’t anything specifically that comes from Trump. This is the Republican agenda. About 25 Republican senators have gone to court to stop this plan taking effect. Having Trump as president just makes it more likely the Republicans will succeed since they no longer have to depend on winning in court. I think US emissions will continue to drop despite this insanity coming from the White House. Last year the US led the world in reducing emissions from energy with a reduction of 3%. And the factors involved such as natural gas replacing coal, an increase in wind and solar energy, and improvement in efficiency should continue but what actually happens will depend also on how cold the winter is. I don’t think this winter was particularly cold although March appears to have been colder than usual. So while Trump supporters who live in an alternative reality dominated by conspiracy theories that include leading scientists plotting to convince people that global warming is real and a very serious threat will be applauding, the rest of us are probably almost in disbelief at the lunacy we are witnessing at the highest levels of government.

" Aside from provoking a large scale nuclear war." Could that be next?

That is what should scare the hell out of everyone! The fact that this loose canon that belongs in an insane asylum, has his finger on the nuclear trigger and wants to expand the U.S. nuclear arsenal is just terrifying!


West Coast - advanced civilization! The only realistic replacement for fossil fuels is cannabis! Can New England Rise? Free Marijuana! Fight Opioids!


" Not to worry."

Maybe I am over reacting and paranoid, but it seems to me that the people who are either too greedy to worry and in denial of climate devastation and insouciant to what is happening to our planet, will never worry until it is way too late. Until millions die, including some of their families and friends from some kind of climate perdition in the future, nothing will change them.

Climate deniers are all Alfred E. Newmans! WHAT ME WORRY!


Here’s the thing: D. J. Trump, the “Thing”, ranks right up there with the “Zombie Cannibals” on the virtual horror movie scale. The story goes like this: Once upon a time, Mankind burned fossil fuels, more and more (and more), by and by, the planet ignited, hence, “the Long Night of the Zombie Cannibals”! The choice comes down to this: Cannabis or Cannibals?

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[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:40033”]“The West Coast will be allied with the rest of the world that understands science.”

—Washington Gov. Jay Inslee"[/quote]

Turning this into a chauvinistic west coast vs. east thing is not helpful.

Soe of the highest per-household carbon footprint zip-codes in the US (in spite of low heating requirements - and an abundance of hydro power) can be found in the sprawling suburban areas of the SF Bay area and Los Angeles - and around Seattle too (especially damning because these suburbanites enjoy 100% hydro power) - some suburbs in Texas and the DC area are worse - but they don’t have access to hydro power - its all coal or natural gas.

Of course, the difference in per-capital carbon footprints are most stark between urban areas and suburban areas. The suburbs are a CO2 emissions disaster area. So, if it is anyone, it is urbanites who are entitled to gloat.



That is great, and the governor of our state has vowed to be a clean energy state as well. In fact our state ranked number one in the use of clean energy across the country.


True, but we need radical changes, yesterday, and the Democrats offer about 5% of what is needed, on a good day. When you think of the economic policies they support, impossible for them to support that stuff while pretending to be pro-environment. Fact is, in many ways, we need a radical party with mass appeal to at least shift the center of political gravity and discussion, and obviously neither party is that. What we’re stuck with is this horribleness and another party somewhat acknowledging what we are facing but then doing very little to help us avoid what is coming for us. The “pragmatists” in the Democratic Party were never that pragmatic to begin with, and it seems that their role in all of this is to try their best to continue on with destructive and failed ideas and policies, while paying lip service to the people on the left they ultimately hate and look down upon. Their goal is to maintain power for the Clinton/Pelosi/Schumer gang (or more accurately, the donors behind them), while changing next to nothing and hoping that there isn’t a further exodus from the party and hoping to hold on long enough to benefit from Trump and the right utterly screwing everything up. Then, it’ll be their turn to make everything worse, and the environment will be a complete state of collapse shortly thanks to all these corrupt clowns. It’s impossible for me to analyze how horrible this without taking into account how someone as ignorant and destructive as Trump is even in a position to do this.


Can’t understand why anyone would want to destroy his or her own home. We are all inhabitants of the Earth until this vile bunch gets shipped to Mars.



One doesn’t have to be a fan of Guy McPherson (McFearson) which I am not, to be alarmed at the massive methane release into the atmosphere that is ongoing in the Arctic.

Those plumes were measured by NASA.