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Shell Cuts Off ALEC, But PR Stunt Won't Save Arctic: Greenpeace


Shell Cuts Off ALEC, But PR Stunt Won't Save Arctic: Greenpeace

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Royal Dutch Shell on Friday announced that it would not renew its partnership with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), citing the corporate lobbying organization's continued denial of climate change, in a move that environmental groups say does nothing to absolve the oil giant from its destructive business model.


Keep the heat on!!


“Royal” Dutch Shell sounds a hell of a lot like Obama. Nice try though.


RD Shell adheres to the old “smoke and mirrors” gambit. Gotta keep up appearances and issue press releases such as their purported break with ALEC. Wonder what side deal was struck between RD Shell and the Kock, er, Koch brothers who own any number of oil refinery operations, especially in Texas. ALEC is the creation of and funded by KB’s.

Here is a quote taken from the Shell website: “Our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people form the basis of the Shell General Business Principles.” Tell that to the Kayaktivists and Green Peace bridge activists (and their thousands of supporters).

Give me a break…I was born but not yesterday.


If the companies involved in the Gulf of Mexico disaster were made to pay full damages for what they did, the companies would have been put out of business. They would no longer be causing damage to the ecology of the world and other companies like Royal Dutch Shell would be much more concerned about causing similar disasters. The folks who wrecked Gulf of Mexico got away with it and Royal Dutch Shell is confidant that their company would survive if they had a similar accident in the Arctic. The big problem is that our government is run by these big companies and not by the citizens.


Is this intended to be comedy? i mean, seriously. Maybe if they had given a different reason, but for Shell to drop ALEC because of climate denialism…

Wait, is this another Yes Men spoof? No, seriously?


Sittin here reading some very interesting articles by David Archer and some other climate scientists… really getting in to them, then at the end… one of them (for got who) …is mentioning all the “solutions” to a 6 degree warming world… one of them, is research on geoengineering… I am so disgusted…ALSO, before that I was watching Bill Mahr… He had Michael Mann on… so, I was really excited cause I caught it by accident… listening, I hear Mann, giggling, like a school girl… talking about “optimism” … and "well, we still have time… and giggling some more… I couldn’t believe it… Mahr was trying to be serious and get to the bottom of it all and Mann, was like COVERING UP… OR SOMETHING…


The bottom line… are we going to reduce emissions, world wide by 5-6 percent this year?.. Next year?.. that is what is required NOW to avoid abrupt climate change before about the next 5 years is up… and that 5 percent world wide, means that we, here in the good ol’ USA must reduce what, well, a hell of a lot more… if you ask me… we will find that emissions world wide, will be higher again at the end of 2015 … then they were in 2014 … bet’a…


Empty gesture is right. Just like appointing (Sec. of the Interior) Sally Jewell to CEO of REI for 3 years was suppose to clean up her history as a both a oil field engineer and banker financing greenfield oilfield sites for her nomination hearing (Boycott REI till the board resigns).

Shell Holding’s is quitting ALEC, but several of Shell’s subsidiaries and JV like Transcanada will continue membership.


That’s what I was thinking - not cutting off - but ‘cutting loose’. ALEC’s next tasking direction is to go for the jugular - local governments.


Let’s be realistic about why activism doesn’t work rather than why the Energy and corporate giants manage always to get what they want and destroy our planet. You’re always so eager to assume that these organizations are truly doing anything else than raising funds to stay in business. Helloo? United Nations, the biggest organizations of arm dealers on earth, promoting peace? Wake up from slumber.

The largest NGOs receive and accept large sums of money from energy companies and are not there to fight for us, but delude us that something is being done. It’s time to call Conflicts of Interests the biggest threat to humanity and streamline activism, because, God knows, we have all signed our share of petitions and we’re getting tired of promises, not from politicians, this time, but from NGOs. Accountability should be sweeping like a hurricane through all institutions who claim to represent us, included environmental organizations. If you need examples on how some of the largest NGOs are getting money to shut up when they should fight… ask us, or google some.


Read this bull…
“ALEC[s] stance on climate change is clearly inconsistent with our own,” said Shell
spokesperson Curtis Smith on Friday. “We have long recognized … the
importance of the climate challenge …”
So ALEC must have changed its stance on climate change within the last few weeks or, by Shell’s own words, their own stance has ‘long’ been hypocritical. Can’t say I have neard much about change at ALEC…


Bill Moyer and John Oliver both already have done a good job documenting
ALEC has long been more active in State government than the Federal.

Libertarian Party (who are often hardly libertarian) go on and on about how local government is better. Hardly, local government is more opaque, business is done behind close doors most of the time, the local press is underfunded, belongs to one of the local oligarchy, or is non-existent, and there are no organs like the GAO or FBI. ie: ALEC has long ago known where the most fertile ground is located.


True - can’t argue that. But, it is also where people LIVE and where the rubber meets the road in direct governance.


They got their start in the local governments. Raised there puppets from the ground up. This concerted and well organized abortion of governance has been around for quite some time.


Another Shell Game.
We quit, but not till early next year, when our membership runs out, (and all you foolish activists stop watching). Then we can renew without any problem, and continue on our merry, Earth Wrecking, Profit Making Way.

Yea for us.