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Shell Files Suit to Stop Campaigners Protesting 'Environmentally Ruinous Conduct'


Shell Files Suit to Stop Campaigners Protesting 'Environmentally Ruinous Conduct'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Royal Dutch Shell filed a complaint in a federal court in Alaska on Tuesday to stop a team of Greenpeace activists who've boarded a drilling vessel the organization says threatens to wreak havoc in the Arctic.


My heart goes out to the Greenpeace activists risking their lives and limbs in potentially hazardous weather conditions to protect a very delicate and vulnerable environment that is home to untold marine life and provides sustenance for indigenous peoples. I wholeheartedly support them and Greenpeace. Where would we be without someone being ever-vigilant over and protective of blatant environmentally destructive practices (Shell is a proven MAJOR perpetrator of environmental destruction both on land and at sea). BRAVO, Greenpeace. God Speed!!!

And damn you Dept of Interior (Mining and Minerals and any sub-agency thereof (and the executive branch) for allowing this drilling to take place. It’s all about the money for the grasping greed groups that maintain the dicta, “To H- - - with all life that suffers the consequences of our malfeasance.”


Yes, thanks to those who take this to the limit… pushing themselves to endure the dangers that exist both from the outdoor world and the possible repercussions from the FF companies… I am with you all as you do this… wish I could be there with ya’… although, I’ll admit, I hate the cold… specially since I’ve hit my 50’s …
I try to do what I can here at home, like , I’ll print out this article and make copies and spread it around… along with many others… soon, my youngest will graduate highschool, (9 grade now) …and I am working out some kind of plan to live completely differently… I mean, I do so now to an extent… but not enough… I hate HATE, BEING PART OF A SYSTEM THAT IS SO DYSFUNCTIONAL…